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Full Moon for Hong Kong Time Revolution! By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

時代革命,蟾宮折桂,人月團圓,香港重光!The Harvest Moon in September symbolizes the strength, climax and victory of the Hong Kong Time Revolution. HKBNews would like to wish everybody a Happy Reunion at Mid-Autumn Festival! FB link: Web link: Pic credit: Internet photo #midautumnfestival #fullmoon #chapmanchen #

What Hong Kong Lawmaker Fernando Cheung has Done to HK Resistance 張超雄如何反抗爭. By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

On 2019-7-17, Hong Kong lawmaker Fernando Cheung 張超雄 (Labour Party) proposed a private draft of amendment to Fugitive Offenders Bill (Extradition Law) when the Chief Executive Carrie Lam had already declared the Bill dead. Cheung claimed that this draft will enable HK to exchange fugitives with regions outside of Mainland China or Macau, that it is already certified by the Department of Justice and will be submitted to the Legco Chair. Many Hongkongers are concerned that this

美國憲法第一第二修正案與香港 文:曾焯文Chapman Chen, HKBNews

今日係美國獨立紀念日。 美國憲法第一及第二修正案概括美國典型立國精神。第一修正案保障言論自由,言論自由是所有文明國家最顯著的特徵,而缺乏言論自由是所有不文明國家最明顯的標誌,例如東方大紅龍、伊朗和厄立特里亞。香港移交中國之前,本享高度言論自由,九七後每况愈下。七月二日,香港一位小學教師梁小姐因面書反引渡惡法言論而被捕。 第二修正案保障國民持有槍械的權利,這是美國獨有的。持槍權使國民不僅能夠在日常生活自衞,而且如果政府變獨裁,亦能推翻政府。任何其他國家都不會以這種有效的方式賦予國民權力。第二修正案源於美國人對英國殖民統治的勇武革命,及開拓美國西部的牛仔精神。如果香港人能合法持槍,港共就不敢如此欺負他們,如今年六月十二日,香港克警不分青紅皂白,對準反送中示威者的頭就射。 #firstamendment #secondamendment #AmendmentI #AmendmentII #independenceday #4thofJuly #extraditionlaw #hongkongextraditionlaw #ccp #communistc

First & Second Amendments as Founding Spirit of USA. By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

Today is the Independence Day of the United States of America. The quintessential founding spirit of the USA is summarized in the First and Second Amendments of the United States Constitution. Amendment I guarantees the freedom of speech, which is the most remarkable characteristic of all civilized countries, and the lack of which is the most noticeable mark of all uncivilized countries, e.g., the Red Dragon, Iran and Eritrea. Before the handover to Communist China, Hong Kong


香港小學教師梁慧敏今日接受本報訪問,表示昨日(七月二號)被警察拘捕,罪名係「 威脅會摧毀或損壞財產 」, 所謂證據乃係梁慧敏曾在面書發表反送中等言論,例如「講咁多仲乜?下週立法會放雞尾酒啦!屌! 」換言之,香港警方可以隨時以網言入人罪,違反言論自由。警方今日下晝開記招,透露經捕拘六男二女,年齡介乎十六歲至四十歲,涉網上公開警員資料、不誠實取用電腦及刑事損壞等行為,其中即包括梁慧敏。 警方昨日申請到搜查令,徹底搜查梁慧敏家,並且拍低大量私人空間照片,令其家人十分激動。 在差館落口供期間,警察曾向梁慧敏展示梁自己的面書頭像照片,其上印有「反修例 撤惡法」及「初一義士無罪」字句,問其有何政治目的? 是否分享過涂謹申議員直播立法會審議逃犯條例的貼文?及貼文中「雞尾酒」何解?是否認識曾 like 或 share有關帖文的人?梁慧敏堅決行使保持箴默的權利。梁現已保釋,須於八月返差館報到,等睇律政會否起訴。 #LeungWaiman #freedomofspeech #hongkongpolice #ccp #extraditionlaw #hongkong

A Hong Kong Prim. Sch. Teacher Arrested for Anti-Extradition-Law FB Posts. By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

A primary school teacher, Leung Waiman, was arrested yesterday (July 2) for Threats to destroy or damage property in terms of publishing on Facebook anti-Extradition Law posts like "Place a cup of cocktail wine in front of the Legco". It means that the Hong Kong police would arrest anybody for their anti-authorities words, which is a gross violation of freedom of speech. Already bailed out, Leung has to report to the police station in August. She is not allowed to leave Kong,

An Iron-blood Nation's Formed after Jul-1 Storming of the Bastille-HK Legco. By Chapman Chen,HKBNews

On 2019-7-1, the 22nd anniversary of Hong Kong's handover to China, around 8 pm, outnumbered Hong Kong activists broke into the Hong Kong Legislative Council, despite its solid walls and iron gates, just as French revolutionaries stormed the Bastille Prison in 1789. A valiant nation, was formed, though they had to flee when the Hong Kong Police fought back. This great people loves freedom as much as Americans, French and Ukrainians do; and this people, being unlike China, doe

The HK Legco Occupiers' 5 Demands. By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

The Hong Kong activists who occupied the Hong Kong Legislative Council on the evening of July 1 announced their five demands around midnight as follows: Dear Hong Kong Citizens, We are a group of civilian-protesters. Today, risking losing our life, we occupied the HKSAR Legislative Council. In our heart, we harbor neither evil nor violence but justice, conscience and endless love for Hong Kong, for Hongkonger,s and for the future of Hong Kong. Ever since the establishment of

Cancer Patient Old Ng Shot by HongKong Police for Loving the Young. Exclus.Interview w/ Chapman Chen

In an exclusive interview with HKBNews, Cancer stage III patient Old Ng, who was shot in the belly with rubber bullets and violently beaten up by police officers in the June 12 anti-Extradition-Law protest while he was just orally reprimanding them at a distance for shooting the young activists, revealed that those cops spoke Putonghua, and at least 500 rounds of tear gas canisters were shot by the police on that day. He was later charged with illegal assembly and rioting. Ol

德國國會議員Martin Patzelt勸總理默克爾Merkel G20峰會提香港問題。Chapman Chen報導

六月二十日,執政基督教民主聯盟成員及德國議會人權委員會(Bundestag)成員馬田●畢札特Martin Patzelt,會晤流亡德國香港民運人士黃台仰、李東昇後,稱必力勸Angela Merkel在G20峰會期間提出香港問題。畢札特話:「我們不欲香港變成中國普通城市。 六月十二號上街的香港青年,不畏強權,反抗送中惡法,理應嘉許;基於香港公安惡法的暴動罪名必須取消。」畢札特譴責香港警方當日對示威者及新聞記者,濫用暴力,亂射催淚彈橡、膠子彈,要求成立獨立調查委員會調查克警。 德文新聞稿:Für die Freiheit muss das Auslieferungsgesetz zurückgezogen werden Martin Patzelt, MdB, Mitglied des Menschenrechtsausschusses des Deutschen Bundestages, Berichterstatter für Südostasien, erklärt zu den Protesten der Millionen freiheit

Petition Submitted by HK Christians to US Consulate for Enactment of HK Human Rights & Democracy Act

Today (June 18), around 4 pm, a group of Christians, community workers and literati, including Christians to the World as led by Hendick LUI Chi Hang, and Hong Kong Culture Society, represented by Chapman Chen, Ph.D., marched from the demonstration area outside Legco to the US Consulate General, and handed over to the Consulate Spokesman, Mr. Harvey Sernovitz, a petition letter with 125,000 signatures, requesting the US Government to enact the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democ

A Great Nation is in the Process of Forming -- Hongkongers have Awakened! By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

Today (6-16), around 2 million Hongkongers hit the street, demanding the Hong Kong Government to stop labeling the June 12 clash as riots, to release arrested activists therein, and to permanently withdraw a controversial extradition bill, and the Chief Executive to step down. They kept shouting "Hong Kong Brace Up!" meaning no to China colonization of Hong Kong. This has definitely set a record in world history. A great nation is in the process of forming, thanks to the ext

Jun12 Video Proof Wanted by Daughter of Old Anti-Extradition-Law Cancer Patient Shot by HK Police

In the 2019-6-12 protest against the Hong Kong Extradition Law, an around 60-year-old, unarmed, lung cancer stage III, male patient called Old Ng老吳, while simply reprimanding a Special Tactical Squad at Tim Mei Avenue, Admiralty, was shot without warning in the belly by them with rubber bullets. He at once fell down and was dragged by the police to a corner, thrown to the ground, and further kicked and punched. He was then sent to Queen Mary Hospital and subsequently charged

Hong Kong Special Tactical Squad Officers are Really Communist China Cops & Soldiers?By Chapman Chen

In the 2019-6-12 protest against Hong Kong Extradition Law, the Special Tactical Squad of the HK Police Force, nicknamed Speedy Dragons, as shown by a number of videos taken by various media, scandalously brutalized a number of protesters, mostly unarmed. Civil Rights Observer note that the uniform of members of this time's Speedy Dragons, in contrast to 2016 and 2014, displayed no police number, and the masks, helmets and goggles worn by them were so opaque that their facial

Guo Wen-gui Advises Hongkongers to Stalk Vehicles on the Streets this Weekend & Block PLA Tanks

On 2019-6-14, Guo Wen Gui, Chinese business tycoon in exile in the United States, advises Hongkongers to stalk their vehicles on the streets this weekend and prevent PLA tanks from entering the city and massacring Hongkongers. Guo claims that PLA troops and military police are matching towards Hong Kong to help the HKSAR Government to suppress protests against the Extradition Law. (Chapman Chen, HKBNews, reports) Source: #guowengui

PLA Troops Coming to Suppress Hong Kong Protest against Extradition Law? By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

According to RFA, in the small hours of June 12, on the streets of Shenzhen, more than 100 anti-riot vehicles were parked. According to the residents nearby, the public security officers on board of those vehicles were all deployed from other regions than Shenzhen. This makes one suspect that Beijing is sending anti-riot troops to suppress Hongkongers' protest against the controversial Extradition Law. #hongkongextraditionlaw #ccp #donaldtrump #maga2020 #keepamericagreat #cha

A Remake of 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre in Contemporary Hong Kong. Chapman Chen, HKBNews.

On 2019-6-12, tens of thousands of Hong Kong protesters, mostly teenagers and students, blocked roads around the government headquarters and legislature in protest of the looming HK Extradition Law. The Hong Kong authorities fired tear gas canisters, rubber bullets, Riot Guns, Bean Bag shots towards them in point blank range. There were an indefinite number of casualties, many green Hongkongers are in critical conditions now, struggling for their own life. The picture above

兩國際律師會警告香港引渡法侵人權Int'l Bar Assns Warn about Extradition Law Violating HK Human Rights.By Chapman Chen

六月十一日,英國律師協會人權委員會BHRC主席御用大律師Schona Jolly QC和國際律師協會人權研究所IBAHRI主任御用大律師男爵夫人Helena Kennedy QC對香港引渡條例發表聯合聲明: 「BHRC和IBAHRI都認為,香港引渡法修訂案,擴大目前對中國大陸的引渡安排,可能引入任意評估,或將導致移交的人面臨真實嚴重風險,令其人權遭到侵犯。」 On 11 June 2019, the UK Bar Human Rights Committee Chair Schona Jolly QC and the International Bar Association Human Rights Institute Director Baroness Helena Kennedy QC issued a joint statement. They said: “Both BHRC and IBAHRI consider that the proposed changes to Hong Kong’s extradition law, whi

班農叫港人迫西方正視引渡惡法, 否則萬劫不復!曾焯文報導。 Bannon Asks Hongkongers to Force the West to Address Extradition Law

美國白宮前策略長班農在今日郭文貴直播節目中,讚百萬香港人六月九號上街遊行反送中,乃係英雄好漢;香港人如今唯有迫國際傳媒報導此事,迫西方國家正視香港問題。班農指出國際大財團,如倫敦、法蘭克福、紐約大企業、科技公司為貪中國錢,一手製造 北京科學怪人,對香港人權問題而不見;班農強調:逃犯條例涉及香港生死存亡,人權自由,退一步即無死所! 班農又譴責林鄭月娥為北京走狗,出賣香港人,漠視百萬民意;六月九號晚,香港警察在灣仔差館門前撳低幾百位少男少女示威者之前,林鄭就經已決定繼續硬推 引渡條例。 班農又為特朗普總統前顧問;當前危險〔中共〕委員會(CPDC)成員。 Web link:

Chapman Chen: Hong Kong Extradition Law is Texas Chainsaw! (Hong Kong Bilingual News)

The Extradition Law Amendment recently proposed by the Hong Kong Government is Texas Chainsaw, which may be used to transfer to Communist China anybody who sets foot on Hong Kong soil, Americans, Canadians, Europeans, Australians and Hongkongers, alike, thereby slaughtering Hong Kong's autonomy, economy, human rights and political life. Tomorrow (2019-6-9), more than 500 hundred thousand Hongkongers are expected to hit the streets in order to protest against this bill. On Apr

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