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An Iron-blood Nation's Formed after Jul-1 Storming of the Bastille-HK Legco. By Chapman Chen,HKBNews

On 2019-7-1, the 22nd anniversary of Hong Kong's handover to China, around 8 pm, outnumbered Hong Kong activists broke into the Hong Kong Legislative Council, despite its solid walls and iron gates, just as French revolutionaries stormed the Bastille Prison in 1789. A valiant nation, was formed, though they had to flee when the Hong Kong Police fought back. This great people loves freedom as much as Americans, French and Ukrainians do; and this people, being unlike China, does not like to be China.

Water-like Activists

The young activists, who most probably had received no military training, broke the strong walls of the building by banging it with an iron cart and iron bars while they were outnumbered by the police. And they knew how to trouble the police inside with some sort of irritating chemical powder. There was no leader and they were "like water" as taught by Bruce Lee, the great Hong Kong-American kungfu star. Presumably they have matured in terms of fighting power and strategy, after numerous intense confrontations with the police since 2014.

Valiant Fighters = Kamikaze NOT Moles

Certain pan-democrats have claimed that those charging the building in the frontline are moles. However, according to passages forwarded by Lester Shum on his facebook, around ten of the most valiant activists had decided to sacrifice their lives for Hong Kong.

The Importance of Symbols

The revolutionaries apparently understood the importance of symbols. They targeted the Legco because it was equivalent to Hong Kong's parliament, but due to its quasi-democratic nature and the authorities' arbitrary disqualifications of candidates and elected members, it has almost become a rubber stamp. The first thing the revolutionaries did when they stormed into the Legco was to smear the Communist Hong Kong emblem with black spray. And on the early morning of July 1, activists displaced the Communist China flag with a black Bauhinia flag, Bauhinia being the city flower of Hong Kong.

Admiralty Declaration

Just as the French revolutionaries made the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen of 1789, the Hong Kong Legco occupiers made an Admiralty Declaration:-

1. Regarding the recent incidents of civil disobience, we the people who love Hong Kong shall support the movement till the end of time 2. On behalf of all HKers, we shall never cease pursuing universal values and rule of law 3. HKers can no longer stand the injustice that is our government. We shall raise our shields and arms to overthrow the puppet Legislative Council and the Government

4. The lack of a democratic election is the root of all evils. Unless universal suffrage and a just election system are in place, we shall never stand down. 5. Principal officials shall show accountability and step down. 6. Gov't must release all detainees and underwrite that they shall never pursue prosecution 7. Gov't must investigate police brutality and apologize 8. The recent movements shall be known as democratic movements instead of riots. 9. 9th of June shall forever go down in history and become an official holiday 10. We shall never forget June of 2019

Legco Occupiers' Five Demands:-

1, Completely withdraw the Extradition Bill; 2, Withdraw the label of rioting for the June 12 Clash; 4, Thoroughly look into the HK Police's abuse of power; 5, Dismiss the Legislative Council with an executive order and at once carry out universal suffrage for both the Legco and the Chief Executive elections.

Immediate Cause of the Revolt

The Extradition Law Amendment proposed by the Hong Kong Government, which, if passed, will enable the authorities to transfer anyone who set their foot on Hong Kong soil to China, where there is no judicial independence.

Remote Cause:

China's increasing colonization of Hong Kong since 1997, e.g., influx of migrants from China without Hongkongers' screening; the education policy of teaching the Chinese subject in Putonghua instead of HK Cantonese, most Hongkongers' mother tongue; speculation on Hong Kong real estates so that Hong Kong property price is the highest in the whole world.

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