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Paul the Traitor to Jesus' Vegan Church, Summarized. By Dr. Chapman Chen


According to US President Thomas Jefferson, St. Paul was the "first corrupter of the doctrines of Jesus" (Washington 1854). As pointed out by Albert Schweitzer (1910) in The Quest for the Historical Jesus, Paul perverted the discourse of Jesus and "displace[d]" it. As argued by Keith Akers (2020), Paul violated Jesus' vegan principle and the Jerusalem Council's vegan decree; as admitted by Paul himself, he was a relative of the Herodian family (Romans 16:11) and his real name was Saul (Acts 7:58, 8;1-3).


According to Thijs Voskuilen (2005), Paul was an agent-provocateur working for the Roman administration; Robert Eisenman (2012) identified Paul with the liar described in the Dead Sea Scrolls and with the Saul in Josephus' The War of the Jews -- a mole who directly reported to Nero, shared secret intelligence with King Agrippa II while being kept in guard in Caesarea, and contributed to the conspiracy to kill James the Just; as pointed out by Robert Mt. Sion (2013), Paul was the AntiChrist.


Paul corrupted Jesus' Vegan Church from the inside, and Pauline Christianity has hijacked the Vegan Christ for two thousand years (cf. Chen 2024, 2023, 2022, 2021). "There is not one word of Pauline Christianity in the characteristic utterances of Jesus.... There has really never been a more monstrous imposition perpetrated than the imposition of Paul's soul upon the Soul of Jesus", concludes George Bernard Shaw (1915).




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