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An Iron-blood Nation's Formed after Jul-1 Storming of the Bastille-HK Legco. By Chapman Chen,HKBNews

On 2019-7-1, the 22nd anniversary of Hong Kong's handover to China, around 8 pm, outnumbered Hong Kong activists broke into the Hong Kong Legislative Council, despite its solid walls and iron gates, just as French revolutionaries stormed the Bastille Prison in 1789. A valiant nation, was formed, though they had to flee when the Hong Kong Police fought back. This great people loves freedom as much as Americans, French and Ukrainians do; and this people, being unlike China, doe

A Great Nation is in the Process of Forming -- Hongkongers have Awakened! By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

Today (6-16), around 2 million Hongkongers hit the street, demanding the Hong Kong Government to stop labeling the June 12 clash as riots, to release arrested activists therein, and to permanently withdraw a controversial extradition bill, and the Chief Executive to step down. They kept shouting "Hong Kong Brace Up!" meaning no to China colonization of Hong Kong. This has definitely set a record in world history. A great nation is in the process of forming, thanks to the ext

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