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A Great Nation is in the Process of Forming -- Hongkongers have Awakened! By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

Today (6-16), around 2 million Hongkongers hit the street, demanding the Hong Kong Government to stop labeling the June 12 clash as riots, to release arrested activists therein, and to permanently withdraw a controversial extradition bill, and the Chief Executive to step down. They kept shouting "Hong Kong Brace Up!" meaning no to China colonization of Hong Kong. This has definitely set a record in world history. A great nation is in the process of forming, thanks to the extradition law amendment proposed by the HK Government, which, if passed, will break down the firewall between Hong Kong and Communist China. Hongkongers by and large have awakened to the idea, "We are one people, we are one nation, we are one culture. We do not want to be China. We are born free."

"Trials and tribulations activate a nation"

According to The Zuo Tradition, an ancient Chinese narrative history, "Trials and tribulations activate a nation." Last night [June 15], a 35-year-old man surnamed Leung became the first martyr of Hong Kong by falling from a mall in Admiralty, leaving behind a banner reading, “No extradition to China... we are not rioters, release the students and injured, Carrie Lam step down, help Hong Kong.” The unusually hugeness of today's mass rally is at least partly attributable to Leung's martyrdom.

Tens of Thousands of Civilians Risking Bullets and Tear Gas

On June 12, in order to occupy Admiralty in protest of the extradition law, tens of thousands of people risked rubber bullets, bean bag shots, tear gas canisters, and pepper spray used indiscriminately by the police while numerous other civilians voluntarily rushed medicine, gloves, helmets, masks, food, and water to them. The police afterwards searched hospitals, universities, churches for injured activists. On June 15, the Chief Executive Carrie Lam announced postponement of but refused to permanently withdraw it or to apologize.

A Remake of Tiananmen Square Massacre & Boston Massacre

The June 12 clash reminds people of not only the 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre in Beijing, but also the 1770 Boston Massacre, which eventually led to the American War of Independence in 1775, the February 28 massacre (an anti-government uprising in Taiwan bloodily suppressed by the Kuomintang-led Republic of China government), the June Democracy Movement( a nationwide democracy movement in South Korea that generated mass protests from June 10 to June 29, 1987), etc.

Another One-million-strong Demo

And on June 9,over one million zealous Hongkongers join a demonstration against the Extradition Law. Even USA President Donald Trump is convinced that it was one million, not two thousand.

Chapman Chen, HKBNews

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