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The HK Legco Occupiers' 5 Demands. By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

Updated: Jul 2, 2019

The Hong Kong activists who occupied the Hong Kong Legislative Council on the evening of July 1 announced their five demands around midnight as follows:

Dear Hong Kong Citizens, We are a group of civilian-protesters. Today, risking losing our life, we occupied the HKSAR Legislative Council. In our heart, we harbor neither evil nor violence but justice, conscience and endless love for Hong Kong, for Hongkonger,s and for the future of Hong Kong. Ever since the establishment of the HKSAR Government, the politics, economy and people's livelihood of Hong Kong has been going from bad to worse, and today is the 22nd anniversary. After Carrie Lam became Chief Executive, the situation has become aggravated. She has even tried to push through the evil Extradition Law, in complete disregard of more than 1 million Hongkongers' objection.

Ever since June, HK citizens, with a deep love for Hong Kong, successively have been trying their best to urge the Government to withdraw the Extradition Law, by various ways, including peaceful, rational, valiant, and blood-shedding means. But the Government has turned a deaf ear to them and has even become the people's enemy. In order to better Hong Kong, we citizens are obliged to carry out various actions, such as non-operation movement, occupying roads, and today's occupation of the Legco. The society may be critical about us occupiers, but what is the root of our society's split? What is the primary cause of ever increasing popular discontent? What wrong has Hong Kong done to deserve this kind of treatment? We Hongkongers are unarmed and non-violent. We can only move ahead with justice but no fear at heart.

We, occupiers, ask the Government to fulfill our five demands:- 1, Completely withdraw the Extradition Bill; 2, Withdraw the label of rioting for the June 12 Clash; 3, Cancel the rioting charge for all participants in the Anti-Extradition Law Movement; 4, Thoroughly look into the HK Police's abuse of power; 5, Dismiss the Legislative Council with an executive order and at once carry out universal suffrage for both the Legco and the Chief Executive elections. Since the beginning of the Anti-Extradition-Law Movement, 3 young HK citizens have committed suicide for the cause. We have not left behind our grief and indignation, but we are kind enough to wish to see no more HK people die for democracy, freedom and justice. We wish the public would unite to fight against the evil Bill plus the despotic rule, and together defend Hong Kong.

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