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Cancer Patient Old Ng Shot by HongKong Police for Loving the Young. Exclus.Interview w/ Chapman Chen

In an exclusive interview with HKBNews, Cancer stage III patient Old Ng, who was shot in the belly with rubber bullets and violently beaten up by police officers in the June 12 anti-Extradition-Law protest while he was just orally reprimanding them at a distance for shooting the young activists, revealed that those cops spoke Putonghua, and at least 500 rounds of tear gas canisters were shot by the police on that day. He was later charged with illegal assembly and rioting. Old Ng will not emigrate for he wants to protect young people at the front line. Both Old Ng & the old-woman-self-immolator in the 2015 HK movie, "Ten Years" altruistically sacrifice themselves for the younger generation of HK. Born in HK, old Ng has been joining demonstrations since 1989 Tiananmen Massacre. He began to support Hong Kong independence when he saw even mild advocates of universal suffrage like Benny Tai being arrested.

Putonghua-speaking Violent Police Officers

In the June 12 anti-Hong Kong Extradition Law protest, Old Ng, an unarmed 60-year-old lung cancer stage III patient, was shot in the belly and then violently kicked by police officers, when he was just orally reprimanding them at a distance around 5:30 pm on Tim Mei Avenue near government headquarters. In an exclusive interview with HKBNews, Old Ng said, "Many young brave activists like Edward Leung have been arrested, so old brave guys like me have to come out." He heard those police officers [Special Tactical Squad] who beat him speaking Putonghua [Hong Kong police officers speak Cantonese]. Their uniform displayed no police numbers.

Complaint about Police Brutality Launched

Old Ng has reported to the Complaints Against Police Reporting Centre about police brutality towards him, but does not have much expectation, for "it will be cops investigating cops, and the Independent Police Complaints Council members are mostly pro-CCP."

At Least 500 Tear Gas Canisters Shot

Old Ng pointed out to us that all Tim Mei Avenue, Tim Wah Avenue, Lung Wo Road and Harcourt Road around Legco were carpeted with tear gas canister shells, so there at least there were at least 500 shots instead of 150 as claimed by Stephen Lo, Commissioner of Police. Old Ng was subsequently sent to Queen Mary Hospital Custodial Ward, where he was bound to a bed with cuffs around his wrists and heavy chains around his waist. He would have suffered much graver injuries had he not worn a belt which stood between the rubber bullet and his flesh. The belt was instantly smashed and then seized away by the cops who beat him up. Eventually, he was charged with illegal assembly and rioting.

Born in HK

Old Ng was born in Hong Kong and educated in Hong Kong up to secondary school level. He had worked as a garage mechanic and an instructor in the Construction Industry Training Authority. He retired six years ago due to his illnesses.

A Cancer Patient for 20 Years

Old Ng first hit the HK streets during the 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre even though his wife was then pregnant. He also joined protests against C. H. Tung, the first Chief Executive of Hong Kong, between 2011 and 2013. He began to suffer from bone cancer in 1997, which transformed into lung cancer two years ago, though he never smoked nor drank liquor.

Wanna Protect Young People at the Front Line

During the 2014 Umbrella Revolution, Old Ng was arrested by the police for illegal assembly but was not prosecuted. "Despite police persecution, I will not emigrate for I want to protect those young people at the front line." Old Ng may be compared to the old woman who commits self-immolation in protest of China colonization of Hong Kong in the 2015 movie Ten Years directed by Chow Kwun-wai, etc. Both altruistically sacrifice themselves for the younger generation of Hong Kong.

"Why not make a big bet?"

Old Ng began to support Hong Kong Independence slightly over one year ago. "When I saw the arrest of even mild dissidents like Prof. Benny Tai and Prof. Chan Kin-man who just asked for universal suffrage, I thought, 'Why not make a big bet and take the most radical medicine -- HK Independence?'"

"I am not afraid"

Apart from cancer, Old Ng also suffers from asthma and epilepsy. A few months ago, during a court hearing of the 2016 Lunar New Year Mongkok Police-civilian Clash, Old Ng, as one of the audience, told HKBNews' reporter that he was not afraid of being arrested for taking part in demonstrations against China colonization of Hong Kong. "If they kill me now, it will be the end of my whole lifespan. Even if they don't, more than half of it is gone anyway."

Communist China's Infiltration of Hong Kong Buddhist Temples

Old Ng is married, and has a wife and a daughter. He is also a Buddhist. "Many monks and nuns in Hong Kong now are Putonghua-speaking Mainlanders," he told HKBNews, "Once when I requested a monk in a Tsz Wan Shan temple to let me use their toilet, he asked me in Putonghua for a donation."

Old Ng and HKBNews reporter Chapman Chen

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