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Hong Kong Special Tactical Squad Officers are Really Communist China Cops & Soldiers?By Chapman Chen

Pic credit: Elson Li, HK01

In the 2019-6-12 protest against Hong Kong Extradition Law, the Special Tactical Squad of the HK Police Force, nicknamed Speedy Dragons, as shown by a number of videos taken by various media, scandalously brutalized a number of protesters, mostly unarmed. Civil Rights Observer note that the uniform of members of this time's Speedy Dragons, in contrast to 2016 and 2014, displayed no police number, and the masks, helmets and goggles worn by them were so opaque that their facial features were unrecognizable. As a result, even if they use excessive or even illegal force, the public or the victim will not be able to pursue the matter.

Yau Ching-yuen, founder of news website Post 852, in his 2019-6-14 video, claims that according to reliable sources, many of the members of the Squad are in fact Communist China public security officers, Chinese People's armed police officers, and even PLA soldiers. They first came to Hong Kong in June, 2014 with a one-way-permit, and joined the Special Tactical Squad, which was then newly formed for dealing with the Umbrella Revolution, which started three months later. When the Umbrella Revolution was over, they returned to China for a certain period in order to undergo further suppression training. Local officers of other branches of the HK Police Force, e.g., The Airport Security Unit, The Anti-Terrorism Squad, and Special Duties Unit, are also being readily replaced by members of China Public Security Bureau, Chinese People's Armed Police Force and PLA.

Pic credit: Elson Li, HK01

Chapman Chen, HKBNews, reports

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