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A Great Nation is in the Process of Forming -- Hongkongers have Awakened! By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

Today (6-16), around 2 million Hongkongers hit the street, demanding the Hong Kong Government to stop labeling the June 12 clash as riots, to release arrested activists therein, and to permanently withdraw a controversial extradition bill, and the Chief Executive to step down. They kept shouting "Hong Kong Brace Up!" meaning no to China colonization of Hong Kong. This has definitely set a record in world history. A great nation is in the process of forming, thanks to the ext

Jun12 Video Proof Wanted by Daughter of Old Anti-Extradition-Law Cancer Patient Shot by HK Police

In the 2019-6-12 protest against the Hong Kong Extradition Law, an around 60-year-old, unarmed, lung cancer stage III, male patient called Old Ng老吳, while simply reprimanding a Special Tactical Squad at Tim Mei Avenue, Admiralty, was shot without warning in the belly by them with rubber bullets. He at once fell down and was dragged by the police to a corner, thrown to the ground, and further kicked and punched. He was then sent to Queen Mary Hospital and subsequently charged

Hong Kong Special Tactical Squad Officers are Really Communist China Cops & Soldiers?By Chapman Chen

In the 2019-6-12 protest against Hong Kong Extradition Law, the Special Tactical Squad of the HK Police Force, nicknamed Speedy Dragons, as shown by a number of videos taken by various media, scandalously brutalized a number of protesters, mostly unarmed. Civil Rights Observer note that the uniform of members of this time's Speedy Dragons, in contrast to 2016 and 2014, displayed no police number, and the masks, helmets and goggles worn by them were so opaque that their facial

PLA Troops Coming to Suppress Hong Kong Protest against Extradition Law? By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

According to RFA, in the small hours of June 12, on the streets of Shenzhen, more than 100 anti-riot vehicles were parked. According to the residents nearby, the public security officers on board of those vehicles were all deployed from other regions than Shenzhen. This makes one suspect that Beijing is sending anti-riot troops to suppress Hongkongers' protest against the controversial Extradition Law. #hongkongextraditionlaw #ccp #donaldtrump #maga2020 #keepamericagreat #cha

A Remake of 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre in Contemporary Hong Kong. Chapman Chen, HKBNews.

On 2019-6-12, tens of thousands of Hong Kong protesters, mostly teenagers and students, blocked roads around the government headquarters and legislature in protest of the looming HK Extradition Law. The Hong Kong authorities fired tear gas canisters, rubber bullets, Riot Guns, Bean Bag shots towards them in point blank range. There were an indefinite number of casualties, many green Hongkongers are in critical conditions now, struggling for their own life. The picture above

兩國際律師會警告香港引渡法侵人權Int'l Bar Assns Warn about Extradition Law Violating HK Human Rights.By Chapman Chen

六月十一日,英國律師協會人權委員會BHRC主席御用大律師Schona Jolly QC和國際律師協會人權研究所IBAHRI主任御用大律師男爵夫人Helena Kennedy QC對香港引渡條例發表聯合聲明: 「BHRC和IBAHRI都認為,香港引渡法修訂案,擴大目前對中國大陸的引渡安排,可能引入任意評估,或將導致移交的人面臨真實嚴重風險,令其人權遭到侵犯。」 On 11 June 2019, the UK Bar Human Rights Committee Chair Schona Jolly QC and the International Bar Association Human Rights Institute Director Baroness Helena Kennedy QC issued a joint statement. They said: “Both BHRC and IBAHRI consider that the proposed changes to Hong Kong’s extradition law, whi

班農叫港人迫西方正視引渡惡法, 否則萬劫不復!曾焯文報導。 Bannon Asks Hongkongers to Force the West to Address Extradition Law

美國白宮前策略長班農在今日郭文貴直播節目中,讚百萬香港人六月九號上街遊行反送中,乃係英雄好漢;香港人如今唯有迫國際傳媒報導此事,迫西方國家正視香港問題。班農指出國際大財團,如倫敦、法蘭克福、紐約大企業、科技公司為貪中國錢,一手製造 北京科學怪人,對香港人權問題而不見;班農強調:逃犯條例涉及香港生死存亡,人權自由,退一步即無死所! 班農又譴責林鄭月娥為北京走狗,出賣香港人,漠視百萬民意;六月九號晚,香港警察在灣仔差館門前撳低幾百位少男少女示威者之前,林鄭就經已決定繼續硬推 引渡條例。 班農又為特朗普總統前顧問;當前危險〔中共〕委員會(CPDC)成員。 Web link:

Will the Hong Kong Police Round up the Usual Suspects after the Mass Rally contra Extradition Law?

Gist: On the early morning of today (2019-6-10), a few hundred Hong Kong protesters sat in outside the Legislative Council, got beaten up and pepper-sprayed by the police, and clashed with them, after the HK Government refused to listen to the voice of one million Hongkongers, who took part in the 2016-6-9 mass rally against the HK extradition law. A number of protesters were arrested on the spot. Looks like a 2019 replica of the 2016 Mongkok police-civilian clash, which resu

Chapman Chen: Hong Kong Extradition Law is Texas Chainsaw! (Hong Kong Bilingual News)

The Extradition Law Amendment recently proposed by the Hong Kong Government is Texas Chainsaw, which may be used to transfer to Communist China anybody who sets foot on Hong Kong soil, Americans, Canadians, Europeans, Australians and Hongkongers, alike, thereby slaughtering Hong Kong's autonomy, economy, human rights and political life. Tomorrow (2019-6-9), more than 500 hundred thousand Hongkongers are expected to hit the streets in order to protest against this bill. On Apr

據Benedict Rogers文,林榮基:引渡法一過,香港判死刑!Extradition Law= Death Sentence for Hong Kong! By Chapman Chen

據倫敦人權組織香港監察Hong Kong Watch主席Benedict Rogers,書商林榮基在台北一間擠擁咖啡店警告:「引渡法一過,等於刑香港死刑。 北京會利用這條例完全控制香港,剝奪言論自由。過去,中共政權曾非法綁架異見人士,例如我。如今,根據引渡條例,他們可合法綁架綁架異見人士。」故此,估計本週日將有五十萬香港人遊行抗議引渡條例。 企業、法官、律師和國際社會都經已大聲疾呼,但到目前為止,香港政府似乎一意孤行。 林榮基曾被中國綁架監禁,今流亡台灣。 圖片:RTHK 原文:Rogers, Benedict, "Hong Kong exile warns of extradition 'death sentence'",, 2019-6-7. #extraditionlaw #hongkongextraditionlaw #fugitiveoffendersordinance #donaldtrump #hongkongpolicyact #ccp #maga2020 #keepamericagr

ApostleMedia Jun 4 Forum Proposes 4 Strikes contra Hong Kong Extradition Law.By Chapman Chen,HKBNews

On June 4 evening, at a Tiananmen Square Massacre forum organized by Apostle Media, a Hong Kong localist Christian net media, its Chair, Yeung Ho-yin, proposed four strikes on a long-term basis -- church-goers', students', workers' & shopkeeper's strikes -- should the Hong Kong Government fail to withdraw the Extradition Law after the June 9 HK mass rally against it. Yeung said that this is a non-incriminating, non-violent, safe but effective way of protest as it will paralyz


門徒媒體今晚舉行六四論壇,主席楊浩然提出: 如六九大遊行後,林鄭不撤回引渡惡法,就實行四罷:罷返教會罷工罷課罷市,癱瘓社會之餘,又毋需負上刑責,補回八九年六月七日被共青團司徒華取消的三罷。香港總共有新教教會共一千間,經常返教會教徒約有萬幾二萬,集體不合作,足以震懾當局。學生獨立聯盟代表呂俊賢提出: 八間大學罷課可延伸至中學;罷課時同學應去開街站,爭取市民支持,癱瘓社會運作。蒞地基督徒主席呂智恒則提出佔領鐵路、機場,如七十年代桃園選舉貪污舞弊案,台灣人曾佔領警局、消防局、鐵路,癱瘓社會。又話可兵分兩路,一路扮佔領中環;另一路揸車於前往機場必經之路,集體落車,堵塞前往機場交通。呂智恒先生又建議消費抵制中資企業,不畀他們賺香港人的錢。 #門徒媒體 #六四 #楊浩然 #引渡條例 #司徒華 #呂俊賢 #呂智恒 #教會 #罷工 #罷課 # 罷市 #逃犯條例 #chapmanchen #christianity #apostlemedia #donaldtrump #maga2020 #keepamericagreat #hongkongreligio

Hong Kong Separatist Wayne Chan on Tiananmen Square Massacre. Interviewed by Chapman Chen, HKBNews

"I was born in April 1990," Hong Kong Independence Union Convener Wayne Chan Ka Kui told HKBNews before speaking at a 2019-6-2 Forum on the 30th Anniversary of Tiananmen Square Massacre, "My mom first met my dad in a Hong Kong mass rally supporting the 1989 Tiananmen Square students, and that's how I came about." When Wayne Chan was a kid, his mother often told him stories about the massacre from a pan-Greater China perspective, as she was a fan of HK Alliance in Support of P

Despite USA warning to Cancel HK Policy Act,China may Enact HK Extradition Law & Die.By Chapman Chen

Despite CECC and EU's serious warnings, the Hong Kong Government, a puppet of Beijing, will probably pass the Extradition Bill -- by which rich entrepreneurs of any nationality, Westerners, and dissidents in HK can be transferred to China -- eventually leading to the downfall of China, as President Xi seems to be possessed by Chairman Mao. On May 23, Congressional Executive Commission on China (CECC) sent a letter jointed signed by 8 US Congress members and senators to HK Chi

Does Former HK Lawmaker Baggio Leung Feel Betrayed when Ray Wong & Alan Li Got Asylum in Germany?

(Chapman Chen reports) After it was disclosed on May 22 that Ray Wong and Alan Li, activists involved in the 2016 Mongkok Police-civilian Clash have been granted asylum in Germany, Baggio Leung Chung-hang, former Hong Kong lawmaker disqualified for displaying a banner of "Hong Kong is not China" during his oath-taking, has been asked by many reporters whether he feels betrayed and left behind by Wong and Li; and whether Ray Wong's, Alan Li's, Edward Leung's, and Baggio Leung'

HK Anglican Church Sec. Gen.+ CPPCC Member Canon P. D. Koon Supports Extradition Law.By Chapman Chen

Provincial Secretary General of Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui (HK Anglican Church) cum Member of Beijing Municipal Committee of The Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Rev. Canon Peter Douglas Koon, supports the controversial Extradition Law (Sing Tao Daily 2019-5-20). "The Church's stance is that culprits have to be brought to justice," Koon asserts, "If the Extradition Law is not amended, the suspect of the Taiwan murder case will get away with it, and this goes

Pro-CCP Hong Kong Churches' Prayers for Extradition Law. By Chapman Chen, Hong Kong Bilingual News

Seven major pro-Communist China Hong Kong Churches support the controversial Extradition Law amendment. They all side with the government and either pray that God help to dispel the public's concerns about the Extradition Law so that justice can be done, or praise the authorities for manifesting justice in putting forth the Bill. The six churches are Hong Kong Christian Council (HKCC), Hong Kong Anglican Church (HKSKH), North Point Alliance Church, HK EFCC Taikoo Shing Church

China Liaison Office in HK Head: Hong Kong Extradition Law's real target is USA! By Chapman Chen

Director of the Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in Hong Kong Wang Zhimin reportedly asserted on 2019-5-16, "The Fugitive Offenders Ordinance (Amendment) involves struggles between major countries, and the real target is anti-China forces in the West, e.g., USA's anti-China force uses Hong Kong as a sort of chessman in the US-China Trade War (topick hket com, 2019-5-17). On May 16, Wang called around 200 HK members of National People's Congress and National P

Hong Kong's like the 6 Cities for Refuge in Numbers 35. By Chapman Chen, HK Bilingual News

Wang Zhimin, director of the central government's liaison office in Hong Kong, said on 2019-5-15 : "The Extradition Law is meant to keep Hong Kong from becoming Heaven for fugitives.” On the other hand, it is written in the Old Testament, “And among the cities which ye shall give unto the Levites there shall be six cities for refuge ...both for the children of Israel, & for the stranger, and for the sojourner among them: that every one that killeth any person unawares may fle

Hong Kong's Always been Heaven for Fugitives from China! By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

Wang Zhimin, director of the central government's liaison office in Hong Kong, said on 2019-5-15 : "The Extradition Law is meant to prevent HK from becoming Heaven for fugitives.” The fact, however, is: HK has always been Heaven for political fugitives from China, e.g. last Sung emperor Ping 昺(1272-1279), Tai Ping rebels (19 c.), Dr. Sun Yat-sen, Tiananmen Square Massacre survivors (1989), etc. Website LINK:



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