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A Remake of 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre in Contemporary Hong Kong. Chapman Chen, HKBNews.

On 2019-6-12, tens of thousands of Hong Kong protesters, mostly teenagers and students, blocked roads around the government headquarters and legislature in protest of the looming HK Extradition Law. The Hong Kong authorities fired tear gas canisters, rubber bullets, Riot Guns, Bean Bag shots towards them in point blank range. There were an indefinite number of casualties, many green Hongkongers are in critical conditions now, struggling for their own life. The picture above shows one of them. Apparently, the HK government and the CCP are trying to remake 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre in contemporary Hong Kong. In fact, according to RFA, on the early morning of June 12, more than 100 anti-riot vehicles were deployed from other provinces to Shenzhen, a Mainland city next to Hong Kong,

"From Tiananmen 1989, to Hong Kong 2019, it clearly shows that human lives are dispensable in the eye of Communist Party of China, when it comes to defending its tyrannical authority," says Baggio Leung, former HK lawmaker disqualified by the HK authorities for showing during oath-taking a banner of "Hong Kong is not China." We hereby urge the world, for the sake of a better future, to stand against China, the Enemy of Humanity."

Already on June 9, one million Hongkongers hit the streets in protest of the Extradition Law, which, if enacted, could be used to transfer anyone, Westerners & Hongkongers alike, from Hong Kong to Communist China, where there is no judicial independence.

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Chapman Chen, HKBNews

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