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Chapman Chen: Hong Kong Extradition Law is Texas Chainsaw! (Hong Kong Bilingual News)

The Extradition Law Amendment recently proposed by the Hong Kong Government is Texas Chainsaw, which may be used to transfer to Communist China anybody who sets foot on Hong Kong soil, Americans, Canadians, Europeans, Australians and Hongkongers, alike, thereby slaughtering Hong Kong's autonomy, economy, human rights and political life. Tomorrow (2019-6-9), more than 500 hundred thousand Hongkongers are expected to hit the streets in order to protest against this bill. On April 28, 130 hundred thousand Hongkongers already took to the streets in this connection.

An effective as well as non-incriminating way to oblige the Hong Kong authorities to withdraw the extradition law would be for all Hongkongers to go on four strikes on a long-term basis (as recently proposed by Apostlemedia) -- church-goers' strike, students' strike, workers' strike and shopkeepers' strike.

A recent USCC (U.S.-CHINA | ECONOMIC and SECURITY REVIEW COMMISSION) report has warned that should the extradition law be passed, America may consider canceling the 1992 Hong Kong Policy Act. In fact, altogether 30 civilized countries have expressed their objection to this bill.

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