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Petition Submitted by HK Christians to US Consulate for Enactment of HK Human Rights & Democracy Act

Today (June 18), around 4 pm, a group of Christians, community workers and literati, including Christians to the World as led by Hendick LUI Chi Hang, and Hong Kong Culture Society, represented by Chapman Chen, Ph.D., marched from the demonstration area outside Legco to the US Consulate General, and handed over to the Consulate Spokesman, Mr. Harvey Sernovitz, a petition letter with 125,000 signatures, requesting the US Government to enact the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act as soon as possible, in order to protect Hongkongers' human rights, and to sanction Hong Kong Government officials and lawmakers for violation of human rights, by way of freezing their overseas assets, denying them entry into the United States, and publishing a report on HK human rights on a yearly basis.

On the way to the US Consulate General, the group kept shouting slogans like "No China-extradition!", "Sanction HK CCP", "Release Political Prisoners," "Punish Violent Cops," "Sanction Carrie Lam." Lastly, they sang "Do you hear the people sing" when they reached their destination.

The group also calls for permanent withdrawal of the Extradition Law, non-prosecution of civilians involved in the Anti-Extradition Movement, cancellation of the rioting-label put on the anti-extradition bill protest on June 12, invocation of the Legislative Council (Powers and Privileges) Ordinance to look into the police's illegal use of violence on the June 12 Clash.

Reported by Hong Kong Bilingual News (HKBNews)

pic credit: Christians to the World

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