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突發!美國眾議員貝理向國會提出香港獨立法案! U.S. Rep. Scott Perry Introduces Hong Kong Independence Bill! By Chapman Chen

突發!美國眾議員貝理向國會提出香港獨立法案! 史葛德·貝理(Scott Perry, 1962-),自一三年來任賓州第十國會選區代表,五月十九日向國會提交香港獨立法案:-HR6947-授權總統承認中華人民共和國香港特別行政區為獨立國家,並適用於其他目的。 一九九三年,貝理在Dillsburg成立機械承包公司Hydrotech Mechanical。零九至一零年間,在伊拉克負責伊拉克自由行動,部署前培訓及勤務,指揮一零四航空團第二營。 從伊拉克返國後,一五年晉升為准將。一九年十二月,貝理與其他一百九十四位共和黨人,一齊反對兩項針對特朗普總統的彈劾動議。 Source: #ScottPerry #StandwithHongKong #HongKongIndependence #香港獨立

應承五大訴求收你皮!How the 5 Demands may be Granted to Fool Hongkongers!By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

坊間傳聞中國會應承香港五大訴求,應該係吹水。但中國一旦應承五大訴求,例如委任表面中立暗底親共法官成立獨立調查委員會,就可令港豬三呼萬歲,解散時代革命,然後加強換血殖民, 秋後算帳,最終收香港人的皮。如今香港人要的,正如美國參議員Marco Rubio同Nancy Pelosi 正確指出,其實係真正自治自由,經已超越五大訴求。 中共永遠不會畀香港自治自由,事關自治自由即是獨立自主。九二六林鄭對話會,講明「香港自治就唔會係一國兩制。」以下為老共可如何利用五大訴求禍港,香港同胞,切勿上當! 第一 成立獨立調查委員會 委任表面黃絲、暗底藍絲,退休法官率領獨立調查委員會, 做戲查佢三五年, 就乜鬼革命民氣都無哂啦! 第二 林鄭下台 即刻雙普選。 唐英年奉命接替林鄭做特首, 港豬歡呼習總萬歲,點知唐英年重聽話過林鄭。 即時雙普選,但要由選舉主任根據基本法篩選參選者,例如曾經嗌光復香港時代革命口號, 就係違反基本法一國兩制, 必須褫奪政治權利終身! 第三撤回送中惡法。經已 正式撤回, 但代之以更加惡毒的緊急法! 第四,撤回暴動定性。 特首撤回六一二甚至成個時代

VP Mike Pence Pls Note that a Revolution, NOT a Protest, is going on in Hong Kong. By Chapman Chen

US Vice President Mike Pence, in his Oct 25 address at a Washington think tank, pledged to "stand with Hong Kong" but urged Hongkongers to "stay on the path of non-violent protest." Here is the deal. First, the VP may not be aware that a real revolution, like the American Revolution, instead of a protest, is going on in Hong Kong. As put by Senator Marco Rubio, "What began as a protest against an unjust extradition bill backed by China has now become a fight for Hong Kong’s

美國政論家歌雅話港人應爭獨立 Dr. Anders Corr thinks Hongkongers should Strive for Independence. By Chapman Chen

美國政論家安德斯.歌雅Anders Corr十月廿一在UCA News發文道:為了自己及全世界,香港人應爭取獨立,而不單止自治。事關中國施捨的自治並非真正自治, 而且不斷受到中國殖民換血,逐步蠶食,到了二零四七,香港更可能完全被中國吞噬。 不過,歌雅無講港人如何可爭取到獨立。歌雅,哈佛大學政府學博士,曾替美國軍方情報局工作,其餘論據如下: 為免刺激北京,香港老泛民、 台灣主流、甚至華盛頓特區維吾爾族流亡人士,皆避談獨立。 主流泛民的如意算盤乃係 一旦香港實行雙普選,中國就好難移除;民主可以加強香港自己統治, 甚至最終獨立。 然而, 時間並不站在香港這邊。 中國經濟及軍事力量不斷加強, 在某些情況, 甚至超越美國;在歐影響力,亦與日俱增。而香港正是中國的後門,用以偷美國科技、換美金、打入國際社會,滲透西方。 與此同時,美歐縱容中國錢踏人權。特朗普總統專注爭取有利貿易協議,少理中國地緣政治威脅,以及人權問題,包括香港( 編者按: 其實特朗普總統不止一次警告中國要人道對待香港人, 並強調香港屬於全世界)。 Source: https://www.uca

Carrie Lam may Grant the 5 Demands to Fool Hongkongers!五大訴求袋主先?By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam may as well fool Hongkongers by granting the 5 demands of them. As rightly put by Senator Marco Rubio, "What began as a protest against an unjust extradition bill backed by China has now become a fight for Hong Kong’s autonomy and future." What most Hongkongers in fact desire and "deserve" is "real autonomy" -- to borrow Senator Nancy Pelosi's words -- i.e. freedom from China colonization, which Beijing will never grant, for it implies ind

美國政論家不覺要求港獨會令香港失去國際支持 Anders Corr Doesn't Think Independence Demand will Make HK Lose Intl Support

美國國家安全分析師安德斯‧哥雅博士Dr. Anders Corr十月七日推特貼文:我不認為要求香港獨立會令香港失去國際支持。 美、英大使館是否反對港獨?就算他們反港獨,都係為了盡量尋求和平解決方法。但這缺乏遠見。 對於那些熱愛民主的人,香港不獨根本並非治本方案,皆因中國會逐漸吞噬香港,又或者在二零四七一次過完全佔領,並利用香港對付自由世界;任何贏得的民主自由都將付諸東流。 台灣不獨已是失敗的主張,只因隨著中國實力增強,台灣逐漸失去全球盟友。 中國話台灣係不聽話的省,時常要出兵統一。台灣和香港都需要完全主權獨立,在聯合國獲得國際承認,以便在可預見的未來,保障民主自由。 安德斯‧哥雅博士Anders Corr,哈佛大學博士,曾在美國軍事情報機關工作超過五年。 (Chapman Chen, HKBNews, reports) Anders Corr (2019-10-7) tweets: "I don't think the demand for 'independence' will lose #HongKong international supp

Carrie Lam's Withdrawal of Extradition Law=Trick to Dispel Hong Kong Time Revolution.By Chapman Chen

HK Chief Executive Carrie Lam is set to formally withdraw on Wed afternoon the extradition bill that triggered the nearly three-month long Hong Kong Time Revolution now roiling the city. With around 1200 dissidents arrested, numerous innocent citizens badly injured by the police, 2000 tear gas canisters used, hundreds of bean bag shots, rubber bullets and even real bullets fired, this "concession" is not acceptable to most Hongkongers. It is a treacherous attempt to dispel th

香港少年劉康出書抗暴17-yr-old Laus's New Book as Resistance against China。曾焯文Chapman Chen, HKBNews, reports

劉康十七嵗,公大學生,香港效益主義黨主席,舊年曾因藏玩具槍而被拘押三周,聲稱遭到不人道待遇,後上訴得直。雖見獨派陳浩天八月廿九被克警拉,仍不放棄港獨主張;雖聞黃之鋒八月三十被捕,依舊無懼政治迫害。 《輕論時政》 總共幾萬字,為其處女作,師法 John Locke、John Stuart Mill 、尼釆等哲學家,例如John Locke主張政府須得國民授權方可統治他們。本書得林榮基、黃之鋒等作序。劉書贊成今年七一佔領立法會;反對送中條例、國歌法、大嶼人工島計劃等。香港少年劉康出書抗暴。 Honcques Laus is a seventeen-year-old Hong Kong teenager who was put on trial last year for possession of a toy gun. He's now a student of the HK Open University and Chair of Hong Kong Utilitarian Party. His new book, A Brief Analysis

Hong Kong Separatist Leader Wayne Chan & his Family Receive Death Threat! By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

Wayne Chan Ka-kui, leader of pro-independence group, Hong Kong Independence Union, today (Aug. 11) received an online death threat. Meanwhile, the iron gate to his flat was splashed with red paint. His family reported to the police, who asked Chan where he had been today and told him to go to the police station to give a statement. The contents of the death threat are as follows (trans. from Chinese by Chapman Chen): You God-damned Chan Ka-kui, listen, because you have recen

香港時代革命 何止示威 Hong Kong Time Revolution. By曾焯文Chapman Chen, HKBNews

自六月以來,所謂反送中運動經已成為一場未命名革命。余建議稱為「香港時代革命Hong Kong Time Revolution」。林鄭月娥八月五日記招話示威行動已變質,認為示威者提出「光復香港,時代革命」,挑戰一國兩制、國家主權。「光復香港,時代革命」的確係抗爭者最常高叫的口號。抗爭目標經已超出撤回引渡法案,而要求即時雙普選,完全自治,去除中國殖民,一如一七七六年美國革命,反對英國殖民統治。 三百萬香港人參加遊行。全民不分年齡種族,階級行業,都以自己的方式參與鬥爭。前線勇士尤其不怕子彈,不怕催淚彈,不怕警棍,不怕長期監禁,甚至不怕死亡!他們是革命者,而非普通的示威者。其實就算和理非非,只爭民主,中共都會當作獨立革命。 「光復香港,時代革命!」 林鄭月娥自己主動提渡抗爭口號「光復香港,時代革命」,認為挑戰國家主權,令香港「玉石俱焚」。自六月九日以來,經常在集會或起義高呼的口號正是「光復香港,時代革命」、"Free Hong Kong"、「解放香港」。「光復香港,時代革命」是梁天琦一六年參加立法會補選時所創。梁因參加一六年旺角警民衝突而被判入獄六年。

"Hong Kong Time Revolution香港時代革命" Goes beyond Protests. By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

The so-called "Anti-Extradition Law" movement has become a revolution since June without a name. Let me suggest that it be called "Hong Kong Time Revolution香港時代革命". HK Chief Executive Carrie Lam herself said in English on Aug. 5 that the "ulterior motives" of some of the "violent protesters...are to...risk the one country, two proceed with what they call revolution." Indeed, "Reclaim Hong Kong; Time Revolution光復香港,時代革命!" is the most commonly chanted slogan

美國獨立宣言與當今香港US Declaration of Independence & Hong Kong. By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

美國獨立宣言一七七六年七月四日通過,當日定為獨立紀念日。宣言列舉英國如何壓迫美國人,導致獨立革命,對照當今香港,竟有不少雷同!首先,美國人同港人一樣,本來只求自治,不堪殖民地主殘酷壓迫,才生獨立之念。以下先引宣言金句(曾焯文中譯),再配上香港相關情況。先行撮要,再加詳述。 一。「殺我同胞」一九年反送中以來,六人自殺抗議;香港警察對準市民頭面開槍射。一四年雨傘革命及其後抗爭事件,拘控香港政治犯約三百人。 二。「於各邦駐常備軍」中國在港長駐解放軍,一九年七月三十一日,發佈官方宣傳影片,模擬鎮壓大埔路遊行示威。 三。「教唆蠻夷,對付我...居民」二零一九年七二一慘案,元朗西鐵站內外,白衣暴徒無差別恐襲香港市民,多人受傷,香港警察袖手旁觀。中共向香港單方面輸出新殖民,每年達八萬人,包括每日一百五十名單程證、大陸專才、留學生,滲透香港各界,掠奪資源。 四。「押吾民往海外受審」一九年港府強推送中惡法。一五年,銅鑼灣書店老闆被中國官方人員跨境擄至中國幽禁。 五。「食我民脂民膏...掠奪我海域」林鄭月娥明日大嶼計劃,至少動用庫房一萬億港元,起千七頃高危人工島。其

真香港憲法的幾點建議 On a True Hong Kong Constitution. By 曾焯文Chapman Chen

真香港憲法當由香港全民制定,為香港整體利益而設,並且屬於香港全體公民。香港憲法當由全民選出的制憲委員會起草,頒布之前,逐條經大眾公開討論審議。香港憲法最好以美國憲法為藍本(不過當然要本地化),事關美國乃係全球最重要的民主國家。細地方新生自治政府容易出獨裁者,成為極權政府,正如上世紀好多非洲小國一樣,所以香港憲法採內閣制而非總統制會更安全。為了有效監督政府,並賦予公民推翻腐敗專橫政府的手段,憲法第一和第二條修訂案應分別包括言論自由和平民攜槍權,正如美國憲法第一、第二修訂案。香港的官方口語為香港粵語及英語;官方文字為港式中文(正體字)及英文。 香港基本法係偽憲法 香港基本法並非由香港全民制定,並非為香港整體利益而制定,亦非屬於香港全體公民(The Hong Kong Basic Law is neither by the people of HK, nor for the people of HK, nor of the people of HK)。基本法起草委員會由全國人大委任,共有委員五十九人,內地委員三十六人,香港委員只佔二十三人,而且並非香港

17-yr-old Boy Petitioning to US & UK Consulates for Penalizing Pro-CCP HK Trade Union.By ChapmanChen

LAU Hong劉康, a 17-year-old secondary school student cum Chair of his newly formed political party, Hong Kong Utilitarian Party香港效益主義黨, today (July 9) petitioned to the US Consulate General and the UK Consulate General for freezing the overseas assets members of the Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions 工聯會and denying them entry into the US and UK, on the ground that HKFTU is a terrorist organization which staged a number of riots in 1967, killing a number of innocent citizens,

曾焯文:美國獨立宣言與今日香江 Chapman Chen: US Declaration of Independence and Contemp. HK -- HKBNews

美國獨立宣言一七七六年七月四日通過,當日定為獨立紀念日。宣言列舉英國如何壓迫美國人,導致獨立革命,對照當今香港,竟有不少雷同!首先,美國人同港人一樣,本來只求自治,不堪殖民地主殘酷壓迫,才生獨立之念。以下先引宣言金句,再配上香港相關情況。先行撮要,再加詳述(末附曾焯文全譯本及英文原文)。 一。「殺我同胞」一九年反送中以來,六人自殺抗議;香港警察對準市民頭面開槍射。一四年雨傘革命及其後抗爭事件,拘控香港政治犯約三百人。 二。「於各邦駐常備軍」中國在港長駐解放軍,一九年七月三十一日,發佈官方宣傳影片,模擬鎮壓大埔路遊行示威。 三。「教唆蠻夷,對付我...居民」二零一九年七二一慘案,元朗西鐵站內外,白衣暴徒無差別恐襲香港市民,多人受傷,香港警察袖手旁觀。中共向香港單方面輸出新殖民,每年達八萬人,包括每日一百五十名單程證、大陸專才、留學生,滲透香港各界,掠奪資源。 四。「押吾民往海外受審」一九年港府強推送中惡法。一五年,銅鑼灣書店老闆被中國官方人員跨境擄至中國幽禁。 五。「食我民脂民膏...掠奪我海域」林鄭月娥明日大嶼計劃,至少動用庫房一萬億港元,起千七

Will the Hong Kong Police Round up the Usual Suspects after the Mass Rally contra Extradition Law?

Gist: On the early morning of today (2019-6-10), a few hundred Hong Kong protesters sat in outside the Legislative Council, got beaten up and pepper-sprayed by the police, and clashed with them, after the HK Government refused to listen to the voice of one million Hongkongers, who took part in the 2016-6-9 mass rally against the HK extradition law. A number of protesters were arrested on the spot. Looks like a 2019 replica of the 2016 Mongkok police-civilian clash, which resu

Former Lawmaker Baggio Leung: Identity's Crucial for Hong Kong & Israel's Rebirth.By Chapman Chen

During WWII, presumably, not a single Jew in Nazi Germany would think that they could one day rebuild their nation Israel. They would consider themselves lucky if they could escape from the concentration camps alive. But the Jews' identification with their ethnic group is always strong. Whenever a Jew gets rich, he/she will take good care of his/her compatriots. Contrastively, after Li Ka Shing got rich, he has not helped us. Thus, to build up a strong Hong Kong identity is c

Hong Kong Separatist Wayne Chan on Tiananmen Square Massacre. Interviewed by Chapman Chen, HKBNews

"I was born in April 1990," Hong Kong Independence Union Convener Wayne Chan Ka Kui told HKBNews before speaking at a 2019-6-2 Forum on the 30th Anniversary of Tiananmen Square Massacre, "My mom first met my dad in a Hong Kong mass rally supporting the 1989 Tiananmen Square students, and that's how I came about." When Wayne Chan was a kid, his mother often told him stories about the massacre from a pan-Greater China perspective, as she was a fan of HK Alliance in Support of P

Does Former HK Lawmaker Baggio Leung Feel Betrayed when Ray Wong & Alan Li Got Asylum in Germany?

(Chapman Chen reports) After it was disclosed on May 22 that Ray Wong and Alan Li, activists involved in the 2016 Mongkok Police-civilian Clash have been granted asylum in Germany, Baggio Leung Chung-hang, former Hong Kong lawmaker disqualified for displaying a banner of "Hong Kong is not China" during his oath-taking, has been asked by many reporters whether he feels betrayed and left behind by Wong and Li; and whether Ray Wong's, Alan Li's, Edward Leung's, and Baggio Leung'

19-yr-old HK Girl in Exile Warns Taiwanese against Electing Pro-CCP Politicians.By Chapman Chen

Lee Sin-yi, a Hong Kong activist involved in the 2016 Lunar New Year Mongkok Police-civilian Clash case, fled at the age of 17 to Taiwan in 2017. This evening (May 7), Taiwan Statebuilding Party Chair Shichi Chen played live on youtube an audio record of Lee's and showed her letter, which asserted that Communist China is suppressing HK social movements by way of the Judiciary, predicted that more and more Hongkongers will go in exile, and warned Taiwanese against voting for p



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