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Carrie Lam's Withdrawal of Extradition Law=Trick to Dispel Hong Kong Time Revolution.By Chapman Chen

HK Chief Executive Carrie Lam is set to formally withdraw on Wed afternoon the extradition bill that triggered the nearly three-month long Hong Kong Time Revolution now roiling the city. With around 1200 dissidents arrested, numerous innocent citizens badly injured by the police, 2000 tear gas canisters used, hundreds of bean bag shots, rubber bullets and even real bullets fired, this "concession" is not acceptable to most Hongkongers. It is a treacherous attempt to dispel the Revolution.

Withdrawal of the extradition bill is just one of the five demands of Hongkongers. The most important one is in fact universal suffrage, which China will not give Hong Kong people for it implies independence. The HK Time Revolution has already gone beyond the anti-extradition law movement. The basic problem with Hong Kong is brutal colonization by China. What Hongkongers really want is freedom from China Fascism.

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