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17-yr-old Boy Petitioning to US & UK Consulates for Penalizing Pro-CCP HK Trade Union.By ChapmanChen

Lau Hong submitting a petition letter to a Miss US Consul

LAU Hong劉康, a 17-year-old secondary school student cum Chair of his newly formed political party, Hong Kong Utilitarian Party香港效益主義黨, today (July 9) petitioned to the US Consulate General and the UK Consulate General for freezing the overseas assets members of the Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions 工聯會and denying them entry into the US and UK, on the ground that HKFTU is a terrorist organization which staged a number of riots in 1967, killing a number of innocent citizens, and which prompted the HK govt to ban the Hong Kong National Party last year, and whose Chairman Stanley Ng Chau-pei 吳秋北 (NPC Committee member) is now calling for the banning of Hong Kong Utilitarian Party on the ground of its separatist stance, thus violating Hongkongers' free speech. Lau specifically requested the US to enact the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act to penalize HK officials and China representatives in HK who violate human rights.

"Free Speech is HKers' Inborn Right"

When asked by our reporter whether he was worried that the authorities may label his party an unlawful society, like they labeled the HK National Party last year, Lau Hong answered that although he was put in custody for 21 days last year for possession of a toy gun, he had no fear at all, as he firmly believed that freedom of speech was Hongkongers' inborn right. (Lau Hong successfully appealed against his conviction recently.) "Now many activists have been put in jail, which probably is not a joyful experience for them," our reporters asked, "Isn't this contradictory to your utilitarian belief that whatever makes stake-holders happy is right; whatever causes stake-holders pain is wrong?" "As this will bring the majority of Hong Kong citizens happiness, it is worthwhile," Lau replied.

"An eye for an eye"?

When asked whether he supported blood for blood or an eye for an eye, Lau opined that he supported whatever means that would promote Hongkongers' happiness. "On the other hand, some people conflates secondary principles with moral principles, e.g., dirty cops think that it is obligatory to obey orders from their superiors even when they are commanded to shoot protesters in their head as on June 12 this year. Another example, certain libtards oppose to demonstrations on the ground that they obstruct traffic and cause inconvenience to the public."

"Only Independence can guarantee HKers' happiness"

Lau Hong inaugurated the Hong Kong Utilitarian Party on June 30. He thinks that the current government maliciously tramples on Hongkongers' freedom and aids Beijing to brutally colonize Hong Kong, thus compromising Hongkongers' happiness and well-being. "Only independence, freedom and democracy can guarantee Hongkongers's happiness, and preserve their language and culture."

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