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19-yr-old HK Girl in Exile Warns Taiwanese against Electing Pro-CCP Politicians.By Chapman Chen

Lee Sin-yi, a Hong Kong activist involved in the 2016 Lunar New Year Mongkok Police-civilian Clash case, fled at the age of 17 to Taiwan in 2017. This evening (May 7), Taiwan Statebuilding Party Chair Shichi Chen played live on youtube an audio record of Lee's and showed her letter, which asserted that Communist China is suppressing HK social movements by way of the Judiciary, predicted that more and more Hongkongers will go in exile, and warned Taiwanese against voting for pro-China politicians in next year's election, lest that Taiwan will follow in HK's footsteps. "Don't trust those Taiwan political figures who repeatedly say that they do not support one country, two systems, but always put China's interests first," stresses Lee. Correspondingly, Chen's party is proposing in Taiwan Anti-China Infiltration Law and Anti-China Interference Law.

Hong Kong courts no longer administer justice

Meanwhile, Chen interviewed Lam Wing-kee, one of the 5 HK bosses of the Causeway Bay Bookstore, who were kidnapped to China in 2015 for publishing books that the CCP did not like, as well as the anti-CCP Taiwanese couple, Yang Yue-ching and Lin Pao-hua, who had lived in HK and USA. Lam, who recently fled to Taiwan to avoid the imminent Extradition Law, said that in view of the heavy sentences ( 6-7 years) passed on defendants of the 2016 Lunar New Year Mongkok Police-civilian Clash case, Hong Kong courts no longer administer justice. Both Chen and Lam sobbed when they prayed that the young girl Lee be able to lead a normal person's life, while her whereabouts remain a mystery.

Xi Jinping as a former red guard,

Yang and Lin said that the three anti-ccp camps in HK, namely, old pan-democrats, self-determinists, and pro-independence elements, should band together. They also thought that Xi Jinping, as a former red guard, would not tolerate the presence of dissidents in HK, and with China getting rich, no longer cares about HK's role as an example of one country, two systems for TW.

Background of the Mongkok Case

The Mongkok incident took place in the first day of the 2016 Lunar New Year, when young HK activists tried to protect Mongkok street hawkers from hygiene officers and police officers' unreasonable harassment. It was not until the activists were repeatedly provoked and beaten by the police that they began to resist. The whole incident lasted for just a few hours. No one was killed. But subsequently, C.Y. Leung, then HK Chief Executive, labeled it as riots. Up till now, around 100 people have been arrested and more than 30 sent to jail for years. Former HK governor, Chris Patten, US Conservative Party Human Rights Committee Chair Fiona Bruce, and German Parliament Human Rights Committee Chair Gyde Jensen have all condemned the HK Government for abusing the outdated colonial Public Ordinance to persecute political dissidents.

Below please find an excerpt of Lee's two-page-long letter as translated by Chapman Chen:

Is Communist China suppressing Hong Kong social movements by way of the judicial system? Isn't the trial of the 2016 Lunar New Year Mongkok Police-civilian Clash the Hong Kong version of the 1979 Formosa Incident? Apparently, Hong Kong's rule of law is all gone. The deprivation of rule of law in Hong Kong did not start with the Hong Kong Government's promotion of the Extradition Law. The 5 Hong Kong bosses of the Causeway Bay Bookstore could already be kidnapped to China [4 years ago] and arbitrarily set up for an offense, while the HK Government did not speak out or support these Hongkogners at all. As China keeps crossing the bottom line, Hongkongers step back further and further. The trial of the Mongkok case is followed by the trial of the Umbrella Revolution case; after pro-HK independence elements are rooted out, it is now the turn of the pan-democrats.

After that who will suffer but ordinary Hong Kong citizens who are regarded by the contemporary society as law-abiding and properly behaving? When the Uyghurs in Xinjiang are being brutally ruled, shouldn't we try our best to prevent similar things from happening to our generation or the next generation? More and more Hong Kong people will be forced to go into exile, for example, participants in the Umbrella Revolution, journalists who have reported about China's scandals, teachers who have taught their students the significance of democracy.

I am worried about the future of Hong Kong, while I am not optimistic about Taiwan either. If pro-China politician are elected in next year's Taiwan election, Taiwan may tread in the fatal footsteps of Hong Kong. I wish Hong Kong people could share the HK experience with every Taiwanese who just want to live and work in peace, so that they will see the horrible nature of the China regime. Otherwise, the democratic society of Taiwan will be the next victim swallowed by Communist China. Don't trust those Taiwan political figures who repeatedly say that they do not support one country, two systems, but always put China's interests first.

Chapman Chen, Hong Kong Bilingual News, reports

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