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Does Former HK Lawmaker Baggio Leung Feel Betrayed when Ray Wong & Alan Li Got Asylum in Germany?

Pic credit: Hong Kong National Front

(Chapman Chen reports) After it was disclosed on May 22 that Ray Wong and Alan Li, activists involved in the 2016 Mongkok Police-civilian Clash have been granted asylum in Germany, Baggio Leung Chung-hang, former Hong Kong lawmaker disqualified for displaying a banner of "Hong Kong is not China" during his oath-taking, has been asked by many reporters whether he feels betrayed and left behind by Wong and Li; and whether Ray Wong's, Alan Li's, Edward Leung's, and Baggio Leung's sacrifice is worthwhile. Baggio Leung's answers, according to his pro-independence HK National Front online program, "Chung's Take on These Things (頌講呢d), are as follows:

1. Under the present circumstances, if more Hongkongers are sent to jail, will those activists already doing their time feel better? Will you feel better? Will Hongkongers' power of resistance increase? At this critical moment in Hong Kong history, when the Extradition Law is going to be enacted, two comrades have made their way to Germany and are speaking out for Hong Kong there, instead of staying in Hong Kong to be tried and probably imprisoned. How can their action be interpreted as betrayal?

2. Primarily, no one has the obligation to sacrifice themselves for you. So we should live up to their sacrifice by being a good Hongkonger.

Chapman Chen, HKBNews, reports

Pic credit: Hong Kong National Front

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