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Hong Kong Separatist Wayne Chan on Tiananmen Square Massacre. Interviewed by Chapman Chen, HKBNews

Photo taken by Chapman Chen

"I was born in April 1990," Hong Kong Independence Union Convener Wayne Chan Ka Kui told HKBNews before speaking at a 2019-6-2 Forum on the 30th Anniversary of Tiananmen Square Massacre, "My mom first met my dad in a Hong Kong mass rally supporting the 1989 Tiananmen Square students, and that's how I came about." When Wayne Chan was a kid, his mother often told him stories about the massacre from a pan-Greater China perspective, as she was a fan of HK Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements of China (abbrev. HK Alliance).

HK Alliance Fails to Lobby International Community

When he grew up, Chan began to realize that it's futile for the HK Alliance to engage in the same ritual (holding a candlelight vigil in the Victoria Park) on June 4th every year. "The HK Alliance's slogan is to construct a democratic China, while China is actually getting more and more undemocratic." "The Alliance fails to lobby the international community to pressurize China," Chan pointed out.

Szeto Wah Destroyed HK's Chance of Going Independence

"Moreover, Szeto Wah [then HK Alliance Chair] destroyed Hong Kong's chance of going independence when he abruptly called off on June 9, 1989 the three strikes about to be gone on by Hongkongers at school, in workplaces and markets in protest against the June 4th massacre. Tis the chance of a lifetime, for all 6 million Hongkongers were so united at that time," Chan sighed.

Wayne Chan's Free Speech Deprived in Taiwan by Someone from HK Alliance

Recently, when Chan joined a Taiwan conference on the June 4th tragedy, he was even prevented by the Vice Chairman of the HK Alliance to give a speech there, on the ground that HK independence has nothing to do with Tiananmen Square Massacre.

"2019-6-9 is Hongkongers' last chance"

Expecting 300 to 500 thousand Hongkongers to hit the streets on June 9th this year in demonstration against the Extradition Law, Chan, however, thought that the Chief Executive Carrie Lam was so shameless that she would not pay attention to public opinions. "Hongkongers had better strive for international support," advised Chan. He noted that USA Vice President Mike Pence will issue a strongly worded statement to criticize China's abuses of human rights around June 4th this year.

When asked whether there will be a clash between the protesters and the police on June 9th, Chan replied that he is not sure, but he guessed that civilians may take spontaneous actions to save Hong Kong from the Extradition Law, which will turn one country two systems into one country one system. "This is our last chance," Chan stressed.

Chapman Chen, HKBNews, reports

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