• Chapman Chen

2 Western-Hongkong Priests on Communism. By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

Italian-HongKong Rev. Franco Mella甘浩望 in July 2019 spammed on Pastor Bob Kraft's FB : "Long live true communism! Good communism is christian!" (Note that Rev. Mella failed to capitalize "Christian".) And in an interview given to Chapman Chen in Oct 2018, Mella asserted, "Hurrah Chairman Mao! He didn't kill nobody. HK-China border should be abolished for Chinese should not fight Chinese! HK can accommodate 0.1 billion people more."

American-HongKong Pastor Bob Kraft on May 12 2019 wrote on his fb wall: The basis of communism is there's no God. Tis impossible to be a real Christian & a communist.


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