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Xi Jinping Preparing for War in Chaozhou 習近平潮州備戰!By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

On October 13, Chairman Xi Jinping of China inspected the marine corps in Chaozhou and delivered a Nazi-sounding speech, which suggests that war is imminent. In fact, it implies that China is going to invade Taiwan, forcibly occupy the South China Sea, and send troops to regions of the One Belt One Road. It also reveals Xi's concern about the PLA's loyalty. (1) Firstly, Xi Jinping points out the necessity to ”devote all thoughts and energies to preparation for war”, which me

U.S. Director Kay Rubacek Supports Hongkongers & Debunks CCP's Lies 美國大導撐港人! By Chapman Chen,HKBNews

Summary: American Director Kay Rubacek on May 21 gave an interview to HKBNews (video at n.1). Kay thought that the West has to wake up to the CCP's crimes against humanity, and see through its lies about Falun Gong, Uyghurs, and the Hong Kong resistance movement, etc. Having been to Hong Kong many times, Kay opines that the free world should say no to Communism, and support Hongkongers, who do not want to be part of Red China, in their fight for freedom and democracy. Kay r

Pro-CCP Rev.Joshua Cheung: God Punishes HK w/Covid19 for Fighting Extradition Law! By Chapman Chen

On March 7-8, quoting Habakuk 3: 1-19, Rev. Joshua Cheung, Senior Pastor, 611 Bread of Life Christian Church, preached that as Hongkongers were engaged in the "violent" and rebellious Anti-Extradition-Law Movement last year, God is now punishing Hong Kong with the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic and economic recession, just as God handed over the Kingdom of Juda to the Chaldeans: a nation even more wicked, violent, and corrupt, because Juda angered God by repeatedly committing sin

Rev. Joshua Cheung: God Punishes Hong Kong w/ Covid19 for Opposing Extradition Law! By Chapman Chen

On March 7-8, quoting Habakuk 3: 1-19, Rev. Joshua Cheung, Senior Pastor, 611 Bread of Life Christian Church, preached that as Hongkongers were engaged in the "violent" and rebellious Anti-Extradition-Law Movement last year, God is now punishing Hong Kong with the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic and economic recession, just as God handed over the Kingdom of Juda to the Chaldeans: a nation even more wicked, violent, and corrupt, because Juda angered God by repeatedly committing sin

波蘭插畫家Greta Samuel諷中國播毒,遭五毛恐嚇,老闆處分!Polish Illustrator Harassed by the Chinese! By Chapman Chen

波蘭插畫家格麗德•森美(Greta Samuel)在流行網站Behance.net發表有關冠狀病毒和共產中國的插圖後,開始收到中國人的死亡恐嚇。 中國人用粗口鬧她,咒她和母親橫死。 不幸,這位藝術家的倫敦老闆文化之旅(Culture Trip)與中國惡棍同聲同氣。格麗德•森美拒絕從網站刪除插圖,該公司就威脅要召開紀律聆訊,審問其,結果可能紀律處分,包括革職。 查Culture Trip同北京上海都好多生意來往。 「中國收費網軍有成二百萬之多。批評中國當局的言論經常面臨類似的恐嚇。 相信五毛黨就是幕後黑手。 他們威嚇勸阻人勿看此類材料。」 –波蘭電視台Against The Tide駐台灣記者沈漢娜Hania Shen道。 Fb link: Web link:

Cu Mask is a Health Hazard, Engineering Chair Prof. Wallace Leung Reveals! By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

The Hong Kong Government has just begun to give away reusable face masks known as Cu Mask to Hongkongers, 5 months after the outbreak of covid19. But Hong Kong Polytechnic University Engineering Chair Professor Wallace Leung Woon-fong, an expert in mask, revealed to Appledaily that Cu Mask has 4 serious problems. First, the copper particles of the mask are so minute that they can easily be inhaled into the lungs and become a sort of mini-time-bomb there. Second, those copper

中國病毒日殺美國人一千,絕非普通流感!Killing 1K Americans per day, Chinese Virus is NO Common Flu! By 曾焯文Chapman Chen

最近三日,中國病毒(新冠病毒)平均每日殺死一千位美國人,十倍於季節性流感(參Worldometers .info);義大利的中國病毒死亡率超過十一巴仙(季節流感致死率大約只有0.1%)。中國病毒爆發以來,各地都有些意見領袖話這場瘟疫無料到,係「普通流感」,甚至係「弱感冒」。例如美國時事評論員Rush Limbaugh聲稱季節性流感的死亡率乃是中國病毒(冠狀病毒)的十倍。上月底烏干達牧師Augustine Yiga亦話,致命的冠狀病毒只是普通流感(已因「發表虛假訊息,散佈有害宣傳而被捕」)。如今,被中國病毒害死的人數繼續攀升,這些意見領袖明顯離地兼數學盲。 四月中美國每日或有二千人死於中國病毒 根據美國疾病預防控制中心(CDC)數據,二零一八年至二零一九年季節流感每季殺死34,157人,平均每日不過九十四人。 這些死亡集中於冬季流感季節(大約半年)。另一方面,如今在美國,死於中國病毒的人一日經已超過一千,而根據特朗普政府的數據,到四月中,每日的死亡人數可望超過二千二百人。白宮預計,到今年夏季末,美國將有十萬至二十四萬人死亡,七倍於成個流感季節造成的

Political Neutrality is UnChristian真基督徒不會保持政治中立. By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

Summary: Jesus teaches us to love our neighbors. How can Christians claim to love their neighbors without engaging politics, the arena that most profoundly shapes basic rights and freedoms? Ephesians 5:11 instructs us to say no to dark forces and to reprove them. No true Christian will remain neutral between Christ and Anti-Christ (governments), God and Satan, Jehovah and the Red Dragon (Red China). It is political neutrality that enables dictators like Chairman Mao, Stalin a

Four Plague-Angels to Kill 1/3 of China-People acc. Revelation 四大瘟神勢滅中華(啟示錄曾預告)!By Chapman Chen

Summary: One-third of China's population will be wiped out by four fallen angels in the form of Wuhan novel coronavirus (NCP), H5N1 bird flu, African swine flu and bubonic plague according to Revelation and Ezekiel. "Loose the four angels...bound in the great river Euphrates...prepared for an hour, and a day, and a month, and a year, for to slay the third part of men (Revelation 9:14-15). Below it will be shown that "the third of men" is probably pertinent to China, which God

Side Effects of Drugs Currently used to Treat Wuhan Novel Coronavirus (NCP). By Chapman Chen

Hong Kong infectious disease doctor Joseph Tsang Kay-yan recently told Appledaily that no treated patients have suffered from avascular necrosis (AVN) 骨枯 like SARS patients in 2003 because they have been treated with ribavirin, interferon and protease inhibitors instead of corticosteroid, which was lavishly employed by Hong Kong and China physicians during the 2003 SARS outbreak. But Dr. Tsang omitted the multiple serious adverse effects of the three drugs concerned, many of

Xi Jinping's and Carrie Lam's Marks are both 666!習近平同林鄭的印記都係666!By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

Summary: "President Xi Jinping"'s English Gematria value is 666 x 2. That of "Hong Kong Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet Ngor" is 666 x 3. (Gematria is an alphanumeric code of assigning a numerical value to a name/phrase based on its letters.) Xi and Lam are thus probably embodiment of or accomplices of the anti-Christ or beast in the Bible, whose number is 666 (Revelation 13:18). The anti-Christ/beast's power comes from the red dragon, an almost standard symbol for Red China. The beast

Hurrah! HK Medical Staff's Strike may Decrease Death Rates! By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

Summary: Today (Feb 3) more than 3000 Hong Kong public hospital staff including doctors and nurses began a 5-day strike with a view to pressing the government to close its border with China to contain the coronavirus epidemic. This may be good news for Hongkongers in the sense that whenever Western-style medical doctors go on strike, death rates go down (in some cases, as much as 50%), according to serious scientific studies published in renowned international academic journa

印度科學家在新型冠狀病毒發現愛滋病基因,令動物可傳病毒畀人!HIV Found in Wuhan Coronavirus by Indian Scientists! 曾焯文Chapman Chen報導

印度生物科學家在新型冠狀病毒發現愛滋病HIV氨基酸殘基,專家話「這在自然界好難隨機發生」,即暗示由中國基因改造工程產生。研究結果並強調新型冠狀病毒中的HIV蛋白負責識別、扣住宿主細胞,令該病毒由原本只感染動物,變成可以感染人類。難怪負責監督武漢疫情的專家王廣法一中新型冠狀病毒,就即服愛滋病藥自療,而中國衞健委亦建議醫生試用抗愛滋病藥,醫新型冠狀病毒患者。 印度新德里大學及印度理工學院生物科學院的科學家在一月三十一日發表論文「新型冠狀病毒峰值糖蛋白發現獨特插入結構,與HIV出奇相似」(Uncanny similarity of unique inserts in the 2019-nCoV spike protein to HIV-1 gp120 and Gag ),表示在新型冠狀病毒2019-nCoV峰值糖蛋白(S)中,發現四個特有插入結構,為其他冠狀病毒所無。 重要的是,所有四個插入結構中的氨基酸殘基與HIV1 gp120或HIV-1 Gag中的氨基酸殘基相同或相似,這在自然界好難隨機發生。 研究結果強調HIV的gp120與Gag蛋白與201

醫學家梁卓偉等警告:新型冠狀病毒無病徵,全球名城爆發或不可免!By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

一月三十一日香港大學醫學家梁卓偉教授Gabriel Leung等在權威醫學期刊《刺針》(The Lancet)發表緊急研究 (1) 警告,由於無病徵新型冠狀病毒帶菌者大量出口,「全球主要城市持續自爆或無可避免」。 該研究還計算出,目前中國實際感染人數七萬五千八百一十五,而官方公佈感染數字不到一萬。 該研究用飛行數據估計冠狀病毒在中國大陸三百幾個城市的傳播。 研究用2.68做病毒繁殖率,即每人感染2.68人。 基於這些數字,該研究警告,「流行病已經在中國多個主要城市成倍增長」,滯後時間約在武漢爆發後一至二週。 該研究又警告,接受中國航機的城市可能會成為「疫症爆發中心」。從中國出發的直航仍日日將旅客載到世界各地幾十個大城市,包括洛杉磯、波士頓、紐約、倫敦、 東京、莫斯科、溫哥華、多倫多等等。 到目前為止,即使世界衛生組織宣布全球疫症緊急狀態後,美國仍未禁止從中國起飛的空中航班。 如果該病毒開始在其他軍管較少的國家(例如泰國、菲律賓或多個非洲國家)開始爆發,則幾乎可以肯定,新型冠狀病毒將突破圍堵,並成為全球大瘟疫。 目前,在中國境外已確診冠狀病毒感染總

Scientific Proofs that Wuhan Coronavirus is China's Bioweapon科學鐵證:武漢病毒=中國生化武器By Chapman Chen,HKBNews

Summary: Wuhan Novel Coronavirus is probably a bioweapon generated by China. Judging from a number of academic articles published by The Wuhan Institute of Virology, China’s most advanced biological research lab dealing with the most deadly pathogens, it has by genetic engineering reversed the dampened but not defunct STING pathway in bats to make even them sick, in the process prospectively generating a highly resistant mutant super-virus. The Institute has also researched s

Wuhan Coronavirus Patients to be Forced to Take Avascular-Necrosis(AVN)-genic Corticosteriods!

Anyone suspected by the authorities of having the Wuhan novel coronavirus will be put in forced hospital quarantine at once and coerced to take high doses of corticosteroids, which will cause avascular necrosis (AVN) 骨枯and/or femoral necrosis in various parts of the body, as confirmed by a 2003 internal document of Hong Kong Hospital Authority concerning the side effect of use of steroid on SARS patients (note 1), as well as by other medical researches (notes 2, 3). 15% of ho

美國撐總統被補;香港反林鄭遭殃 By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

美國國會正審理彈劾特朗普案,美國網媒Infowars主播舒萊雅Owen Shroyer一月二十三日星期四中午左右,在美國國會大樓,默站舉牌撐特朗普,抗議傳媒政治審查,點知被五名大隻差人拘捕,當時,舒萊雅質問警察:幾日來都有反特朗普支持者在國會大樓示威,為何完全無事?可惜不得要領。隨後, 舒萊雅拘留廿六小時,與強姦犯、殺人犯、毒梟困埋一齊。香港剛好相反:黃絲示威者,甚至記者,則常因反林鄭而捱打被補,而藍絲示威者甚至暴徒,只要撐林鄭撐習總,就往往獲克警保護。 Sources:

US InfoWars Anchor Shroyer Arrested for Supporting Trump; HKers Arrested for Protesting Carrie Lam.

US net media InfoWars anchor Owen Shroyer was arrested in Capitol on Jan 23 for silently supporting President Trump and peacefully protesting media censorship (by holding a piece of paper), and detained for 26 hours together with rapists, murderers and drug dealers. Then he asked the police how come anti-Trump protesters there had never been arrested or even warned but the police would not answer. On the other hand, Hong Kong activists are often beaten up and arrested for pro

Outlook for 2020: Wuhan-Coronavirus-caused Fall of China, Financial Tsunami & Bitcoin Soar

In this coming year of the rat 2020, Wuhan novel coronavirus probably will lay waste to China by wiping out a major portion of its population. Red China is so against humanity that it is akin to Sodom and Gomorrah in Genesis, which were doomed to be destroyed by God. On top of this, when China fails to comply with the terms of US-China Phase I Trade Deal in April, President Donald Trump will adopt drastic measures to punish China, e.g. increasing tariffs on all China goods to

Wuhan Coronavirus=Bat SARS-like Coronavirus=Biological Warfare Launched by China acc. NCBI, USA?

Summary: The possibility of bats transmitting coronavirus to humans is almost nil. But Wuhan's new pneumonia virus is identical to Bat SARS-like coronavirus w.r.t envelope protein, based on NCBI's BLAST (Diagram 1). So the bat virus must have undergone genetic alteration. As it is almost impossible for envelope protein to remain intact after natural mutation, the only explanation left is artificial DNA modification, possibly by the Wuhan Institute of Virology, which since 200

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