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Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act Castrated by HK Pan-Democrats? 泛民閹割香港人權民主法案?By Chapman Chen

The 2019 version of the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act (proposed by Sen. Marco Rubio, Rep. McGovern & Rep. Chris Smith), as noted by the HK law expert Wong On-yin's On8 Channel, differs from the 2017 version, in that the former aims at sanctioning HK and China officials or others for violation of human rights ONLY in connection with rendition of people from HK to China, while the latter aims to sanction HK and China officials or others for violation of human rights

Carrie Lam's Withdrawal of Extradition Law=Trick to Dispel Hong Kong Time Revolution.By Chapman Chen

HK Chief Executive Carrie Lam is set to formally withdraw on Wed afternoon the extradition bill that triggered the nearly three-month long Hong Kong Time Revolution now roiling the city. With around 1200 dissidents arrested, numerous innocent citizens badly injured by the police, 2000 tear gas canisters used, hundreds of bean bag shots, rubber bullets and even real bullets fired, this "concession" is not acceptable to most Hongkongers. It is a treacherous attempt to dispel th

行動升級,博出解放軍!Time to Force China to Send PLA Troops to Hong Kong. By Chapman Chen 曾焯文, HKBNews  

撮要:如今係香港脫共的黃金機會,只要十月一號前行動升級,奮勇向前,迫到中國出解放軍,國際就會以美國為首,制裁中國,直至其滅亡。田二少話北京為保國慶,十一之前會出解放軍,鎮壓香港示威遊行。特朗普總統講明take on China,警告習總勿在港重演六四;兩黨議員聲明企在港人一方反中。中國其實心虛,未必真敢出老解, 故須老虎頭上釘虱乸,如奇兵突出,污毀納粹符徵。 夜長夢多,民氣易洩,機會難逢,事不宜遲,否則曠日持久,左膠會重整大臺,解散時代革命。 美英全面撐港 特朗普總統講明take on China(對付中國),警告習總勿在港重演六四。副總統彭斯要中國履行中英聯合聲明,否則貿易免談。美國兩黨議員,以麥康隆McConnell 為首,聲明要企在港人箇邊抗共,而如中共屠殺港人,就會有嚴重後果,迅速實現。英國外交事務委員會主席提出BNO平權,中國或因此擄劫英領港籍職員Simon Cheng報復,引起外交危機。九月九日美國行將通過香港人權民主法,制裁欺壓港人的港共中共官員,甚至取消香港政策法,封中國後門。 香港最後機會 田二少話北京好棹忌十一國慶前,香港再有

China to Collapse & Hong Kong to Revive this Year. By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

Starting from September 1, President Trump will impose tariffs on all China goods, and in May, he tweeted that Hong Kong will be included in the next round. On Aug 1, he also labeled China as a currency manipulator, which may render China financial institutions unable to engage in any cross-border trade using USD/GBP/EUR. In fact, the amount of foreign reserve that China can really use is only 300 billion US. In that case, China can only rely on HK's free foreign exchange mar

今年中國崩潰 香港重光 China to Perish & Hong Kong to Revive this Year. By 曾焯文Chapman Chen, HKBNews

撮要:特朗普總統九月一日起對所有中國貨加關稅,五月曾表示下勻輪到香港。八月二日又列中國為匯率操縱國,可令中國金融機構,無法做任何外幣跨境業務。查中國實質可用外匯儲備只有三千億美元,至此唯靠香港自由匯率換美金,但中國人權民運資訊中心傳特朗普九月或突然暫停香港獨立關稅區地位。且參議員Marco Rubio六月提出香港政策法修訂案,審視香港特殊地位,包括聯繫匯率。一旦中國在港換不到美金,經濟必然崩潰。若再加上人禍天災,如出解放軍鎮壓香港時代革命,引起各國嚴厲制裁;攻台導致八國聯軍;瘟疫洪水大地震之類,中國必定滅亡,香港即時重光。 所有外資都會撤出中國 特朗普總統八月一日話:九月一日起,對三千億美元中國貨收十巴仙關稅,之前對二千五百美元中國貨加的廿五巴仙關稅照舊。如此重稅,任何企業都頂不住,結果所有外資都會撤出中國,事關必然蝕本的生意不會有人做。 中國定為匯率操縱國的後果 特朗普五月六日推特貼文又表示:中美貿易談判重新談判不可接受!關稅陸續有來,下一輪包埋香港。八月二日列中國為匯率操縱國,八月五日人民幣兌美元匯率貶破七元大關。八月五日美國財長姆欽表示,美

A Kristallnacht in Hong Kong. By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

Summary: Last night (July 21) was a Kristallnacht for Hongkongers. Around 1000 Yuen Long mobsters ruthlessly assaulted with iron bars and wooden rods protesters returning from a protest in front of China's Liaison Office in Hong Kong, as well as wholly innocent people, like a pregnant woman, a chef going home from work, a few journalists, and lawmaker Lam Cheuk Ting. 45 people were injured. The Police did not come until 1 hour and a half later and they arrested none of the as

17-yr-old Boy Petitioning to US & UK Consulates for Penalizing Pro-CCP HK Trade Union.By ChapmanChen

LAU Hong劉康, a 17-year-old secondary school student cum Chair of his newly formed political party, Hong Kong Utilitarian Party香港效益主義黨, today (July 9) petitioned to the US Consulate General and the UK Consulate General for freezing the overseas assets members of the Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions 工聯會and denying them entry into the US and UK, on the ground that HKFTU is a terrorist organization which staged a number of riots in 1967, killing a number of innocent citizens,

Petition Submitted by HK Christians to US Consulate for Enactment of HK Human Rights & Democracy Act

Today (June 18), around 4 pm, a group of Christians, community workers and literati, including Christians to the World as led by Hendick LUI Chi Hang, and Hong Kong Culture Society, represented by Chapman Chen, Ph.D., marched from the demonstration area outside Legco to the US Consulate General, and handed over to the Consulate Spokesman, Mr. Harvey Sernovitz, a petition letter with 125,000 signatures, requesting the US Government to enact the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democ



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