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China to Collapse & Hong Kong to Revive this Year. By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

Starting from September 1, President Trump will impose tariffs on all China goods, and in May, he tweeted that Hong Kong will be included in the next round. On Aug 1, he also labeled China as a currency manipulator, which may render China financial institutions unable to engage in any cross-border trade using USD/GBP/EUR. In fact, the amount of foreign reserve that China can really use is only 300 billion US. In that case, China can only rely on HK's free foreign exchange market. But according to the HK-Based Information Center for Human Rights & Democracy, Trump may suddenly suspend Hong Kong's independent customs territory status in Sept. And Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz proposed in June Acts to have the Hong Kong Policy Act revised so that HK's special status, including the HKD-USD peg will be reexamined. Once China cannot get USD via HK, its economy is bound to collapse.

Coupled with other man-made and natural disasters, e.g., PLA suppressing Hong Kong Time Revolution leading to all civilized countries severely sanctioning China, China invading Taiwan causing USA, Japan and others to declare war on China, China Navy attacking USA fleets in the South China Sea, a nation-wide plague/deluge/earthquake as ordained by God, China is bound to collapse and disintegrate this year, and Hong Kong is bound to revive as the Switzerland of Asia.

Pic credit: Elia Locardi

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