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美國參議員Ted Cruz話:舐中共屎窟好樣衰!Sen. Ted Cruz: Kissing up to Chinese Commies is a Bad Look! Tr. Chapman Chen

談到NBA球星LeBron James譴責經理Daryl Morey撐港推文,美國德薩斯州參議員Ted Cruz話:「舐中共、獨裁者屎窟,幫殺人兇手講說話,好樣衰!」(Trans. Chapman Chen, HKBNews) Slamming NBA star LeBron James' repeated condemnation of Daryl Morey's pro-Hong Kong tweet, Senator Ted Cruz from Texas says, "kissing up to Chinese communists and tyrants and apologizing for murderers, that's not a good look." Source: TMZ Sports #tedcruz #LeBronJames #NBA #ChapmanChen #HKBNews #DarylMorey #ccp #chinazi #TMZ

香港民憲草案的普通法及直接民主 On Draft Civil Charter of Hong Kong. By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

撮要:九月三十晚有香港市民宣佈成立臨時議會,擬訂香港民憲草案,然而草案高舉普通法,殊不知普通法為不成文法,並非基於憲法,港共而今沿用的殖民地惡法,皆來自英國普通法! 草案又高舉直接民主,甚至連總統都可隨便公投罷免,容易變成暴民政治。草案第一條以自由為原則,雷同美國憲法,然並無美國憲法修正案第二條,即國民可合法持槍,以便推翻專制政府。草案除了強調行政立法兩院由國民普選,並無說明實際如何產生。香港真正自治自立,應廢普通法及基本法,以港人而非中國利益為本,全民借鑑真民主國家美國憲法,另製新憲,效法美國共和民主兩院制,然後基於新憲,另定一套成文法律。 普通法係英國殖民地主用來壓制民眾的工具 普通法為不成文法,並非基於憲法,港共而今沿用的殖民地惡法,如公安條例、非法集結、暴動游蕩、不反對通知書,俱來自英國普通法! 普通法根本係英國殖民地主用來壓制民眾的工具,尤其是受殖港人,而且可引用其他英聯邦國家案例,例如斯里蘭卡、牙買加,根本風俗文化完全不同,十分荒謬。普通法另一問題係法官判詞自動成為法律一部份,但法官並非聖人,更況聖人都有錯,一旦判錯寫錯,都會成為案例

Hong Kong Police Rush into Chinese Methodist Church & Arrest Praying Youngster! By Chapman Chen

On Sept 29, at 13:30, during the Stand with Hong Kong Mass Rally, a large group of anti-riot police officers besieged Chinese Methodist Church in Wan Chai, rushed in & arrested one or more young people clad in black, who're praying there. Pic & info. credit: 生於亂世2:0 #frankpavone #Christianity #religiousfreedom #freehongkong #hongkonghumanrightsandDemocracyAct #extraditionlaw #ccp #maga2020 #trump2020 #donaldtrump #marcorubio #tedcruz #tedyoho #toddyoung #standwithhongkong #ch

Male Hong Kong Dissident Allegedly Sodomized by Police 男義士被克警輪流雞姦?By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

In the Sept 27 Edinburgh Place gathering against police brutality, the M.C. read aloud a statement by a male survivor of the San Uk Ling Detention Centre. The man was arrested for rioting around the end of August. When he refused to unlock his cell phone, the police sprayed pepper into this eyes. Subsequently, he was taken to the detention center where, eyes blurred by pepper, he could still hear men screaming in agony. The police then took off his clothes, tied his limbs to

China to Collapse & Hong Kong to Revive this Year. By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

Starting from September 1, President Trump will impose tariffs on all China goods, and in May, he tweeted that Hong Kong will be included in the next round. On Aug 1, he also labeled China as a currency manipulator, which may render China financial institutions unable to engage in any cross-border trade using USD/GBP/EUR. In fact, the amount of foreign reserve that China can really use is only 300 billion US. In that case, China can only rely on HK's free foreign exchange mar

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