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A Kristallnacht in Hong Kong. By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

Summary: Last night (July 21) was a Kristallnacht for Hongkongers. Around 1000 Yuen Long mobsters ruthlessly assaulted with iron bars and wooden rods protesters returning from a protest in front of China's Liaison Office in Hong Kong, as well as wholly innocent people, like a pregnant woman, a chef going home from work, a few journalists, and lawmaker Lam Cheuk Ting. 45 people were injured. The Police did not come until 1 hour and a half later and they arrested none of the assailants, who were seen chatting friendlily with them as shown in a RTHK video. The night may be compared to Kristallnacht on which Nazi storm troopers and Hitler Youth ruthlessly attacked Jews and their homes. Many Hongkongers wish Western countries would sanction Hong Kong Government and Beijing for gross violation of human rights in Hong Kong. E.g., America may want to cancel the Hong Kong Policy Act and enact the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act.

Police Nearby Came 1.5 Hr. after the Assaults

Around 1000 Yuen Long mobsters gathered near the Yuen Long MTR Station around 9 pm. Around 10 pm, they started beating, with iron bars and wooden rods, people in black returning home from a protest outside China's Liaison Office in West Point, Hong Kong Island, as well as innocent people, e.g., a few journalists and a pregnant woman. The assaults lasted at least one hour and a half, both outside and inside the MTR Station, and even inside trains. Numerous 999 calls were made in vain. The Police did not come until sometime after 11:30 pm., despite the fact that the Yuen Long Police Station was 10-15 minutes' walk from the Yuen Long MTR. And no assailants were arrested while 45 people were injured and sent to hospital including 4 seriously wound and one in critical condition. For instance, Lawmaker Lam Cheuk Ting coughed blood after being beaten up; a chef's back was full of bruisers and blood stain; journalist Ryan Lau's head was broken, the pregnant lady was lying on the floor groaning in agony.

Are Cops and Mobsters Buddy Buddy?

A video broadcast by the Government media, RTHK, shows the police chatting and standing together with assailants in the area concerned, who were holding offensive weapons like thick wooden rods. The Police claimed that it was a fighting in public between two groups of civilians holding different political opinions. Yuen Long pro-CCP lawmaker, Junius Ho Kwan Yiu, as shown in an online video, shook hands with the assailants at the scene and encouraged them. On his own facebook live feed last night, Ho again praised the Yuen Long assailants, "Well done!"

Police Aiming at People's Head

Meanwhile, last night, in Sheung Wan, Central, and Admiralty, when the protesters were leaving the Liaison Office of China, after smearing its emblem with black ink, the police gave chase, shot numerous reinforced tear gas canisters at them, and fired at least 36 shots of rubber bullets and/or bean bag shots, all aimed at the head of the protesters. On June 12, riot police already shot indiscriminately at people during an anti-extradition law protest.

A Prelude to Holocaust

What happened last night was akin to Kristallnacht, a sinister forewarning of the Holocaust. In the early hours of November 10, 1938, Nazi storm troopers and Hitler Youth rampaged through Jewish neighborhoods across Germany, leaving behind them a horrifying trail of terror and destruction, while the German authorities looked on. More than a thousand synagogues and many thousands of Jewish shops were destroyed, while thirty thousand Jews were rounded up and sent to concentration camps.

CCP Wants Hong Kong's Place, NOT its People

As put by Baggio Leung Chung-hang, a democratically elected Hong Kong lawmaker disqualified by the authorities for displaying a banner, "Hong Kong is not China," "What Communist China is Hong Kong's shell, NOT Hongkongers." What happened last night could be an omen of a massacre of Hongkongers by Communist China and Communist Hong Kong authorities.

Ref: Siu Yu facebook post (2019-7-22)

Injured journalist Ryan Lau (pic credit: TVB):

Lawmaker Junius Ho praising assailants (net pic) :

Injured chef's back:

Yuen Long armed assailants on friendly terms with HK Police at the scene:

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