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Sen. Todd Young says China is Fascist & he may Help Hongkongers w.r.t. Immigration. By Chapman Chen

In Sept 17's CECC hearing on Hong Kong Human Rights & Democracy Act, Indiana Republican Senator Todd Young stresses that China calls itself Communist but is in fact Fascist, that he may provide relief to Hongkongers who do not want to be part of the predatory regime in the immigration area, and that Beijing cannot use HK to reap all the economic benefits under the American law [Hong Kong Policy Act] while eradicating Hongkongers' political identity. My comments are as follows:

China is Fascist

China is Fascist for it is seeking to expand and export to the free world the authoritarian China model. 2019 Hong Kong is 1939 Poland. China is Fascist given its one all powerful ruling party with one dictatorial leader who has made himself president for life. China is Fascist in its ethnic-cleansing policies, e.g., setting up concentration camps in Xinjiang for 2 million Uyghurs, calling Hongkong dissidents cockroaches and torturing them in a concentration camp named San Uk Ling Detention Center.

Rain in Time

It is well known that it is not easy to migrate to the USA these days. Sen. Young's suggestion to help Hong Kong dissidents in terms of immigration is like a rain in time to a drought area.

China's Achilles' Heel

Sen. Young, like many other senators and house representatives, has also recognized Hong Kong as China's backdoor or Achilles' Heel. China uses HK to steal American intellectual properties and technologies, to exchange RMB for USD via HKD, to import embargoed goods from America, and to join international communities.

Sen. Todd Young's Speech at Congressional-Executive Commission on China is as follows:

I want to send a message to Beijing's communists: You cannot have it both ways:- you cannot seek to trade with the wealthy nations of the world and rip off our intellectual properties. You cannot seek to be a trusted international development partner and engage in predatory economic practices through your Belt and Road Initiative, and reap all the economic benefits that you enjoy under American law of Hong Kong special status while undermining your (Hongkongers') rights as Hongkongers while eradicating your political identity. We cannot allow this to happen. I will be signing onto the legislation offered by the co-chairmen of this committee as you have encouraged us to do and I will be seeking other opportunities perhaps in the immigration area to provide further relief to Hongkongers who do not want to be a part of this predatory regime that calls itself communist but is in fact Fascist in many respects.

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