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參議員Todd Young話可能幫香港人移民,並指中國法西斯 By Chapman Chen,HKBNews

九月十七日美國國會行政中國事務委員會,香港人權與民主法案聽證會,共和黨參議員Todd Young強調,中國稱自己共產主義,其實係法西斯,他可能為幫欲脫暴政的香港人移民;北京不能利用香港,根據美國香港政策法,獲得所有經濟利益,同時鏟除香港人政治身份。本報評論如下: 中國係法西斯 中國係法西斯,正在尋求向自由世界出口獨裁中國模式。 二零一九年香港係一九三九波蘭。中國是法西斯主義者,一黨獨大,主席唯我獨尊,自成終身元首。中國行種族清洗政策,例如在新疆困二百萬維吾爾人入集中營,稱香港抗爭者為曱甴,並在新屋嶺看集中營中行酷刑。 及時雨 眾所周知,如今移民美國並不容易。參議員Young話會幫香港異見人士者移民,有似及時甘露。 睇穿中國死穴 參議員Young認清香港係中國的後門或死穴。中國利用香港竊取美國的知識產權和技術,利用港幣將人民幣換美金,從美國進口禁運貨物,以及加入國際社會。 美國共和黨參議員Todd Young演辭: 我想向北京共產黨傳達以下訊息:你不能魚與熊掌兼得:你不能一方面與世上富裕國家貿易,一方面盜竊我們的知識產權。 你不能一方面尋求做值得信

Sen. Todd Young says China is Fascist & he may Help Hongkongers w.r.t. Immigration. By Chapman Chen

In Sept 17's CECC hearing on Hong Kong Human Rights & Democracy Act, Indiana Republican Senator Todd Young stresses that China calls itself Communist but is in fact Fascist, that he may provide relief to Hongkongers who do not want to be part of the predatory regime in the immigration area, and that Beijing cannot use HK to reap all the economic benefits under the American law [Hong Kong Policy Act] while eradicating Hongkongers' political identity. My comments are as follows

The Horror of Auschwitz in Hong Kong. By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

Abandon hope all ye who enter here. "The room was pitch-black, air-conditioned, blistering-cold; the arrested were standing in a horizontal line, ALL fully covered with blood." High Security Concentration Camp for Teenagers The San UK Ling Detention Center is a remote, secluded, high security "concentration camp" on the HK-CN border detaining over 70 anti-extradition-law protesters arrested on Aug. 11 in Causeway Bay & TST, and on Aug. 31 in Prince Edward MTR Station, etc. Ov

From Communist China to Nazi China: A Hong Kong Perspective. By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

Since its "opening up and reform," China has exchanged communism for neo-Nazism (state-capitalism combined with absolutism) in terms of expansion, totalitarianism and ultra-nationalism. Being on the frontline between Western democracy and China Nazism, 2019 Hong Kong is 1939 Poland. In harassing an 2019-8-17 "Stand with HK" gathering in Toronto, China students actually raised their arms in an apparent Nazi salute. Hong Kong's core values are freedom, Christian love, equality,



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