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Exclusive: Former Sen. Official of British-HongKong Warns HKers a/st Expecting too much of UK.

Updated: Dec 7, 2019

Former Deputy Sec. of Civil Service Branch, Pre-97 Hong Kong Govt, Christopher Jackson, warns Hongkongers against expecting too much from the UK in terms of full British citizenship for BNO passport holders and sanctions on China & HK officials for violation of human rights in HK. For the UK has been very strict on immigration. And as the economy of the UK has been declining, she needs China investments and related job-opportunities. Jackson, however, stresses his view does not represent that of the UK Govt nor does he have any inside information.

British Foreign Office ministers have recently threatened to use new sanctions laws against individuals in Hong Kong found guilty of human rights abuses during the government’s efforts to suppress street protests.

According to HKTDC, Mr. Christopher Jackson is currently Director, Corporate Development, Hong Kong Trade Development Council, who is responsible for planning, finance, human resources and administration. Mr. Jackson served in the Hong Kong Government from 1976 to 2005, working in a variety of posts, including Deputy Private Secretary to then Governor, Sir David Wilson, and Deputy Director of the Hong Kong Trade Department. He became Deputy Secretary of the Hong Kong Government’s Civil Service Branch and was then posted to Washington DC, as Director General of the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office.

He served in Washington from 1996 to 2000, before being named the Hong Kong SAR Government's Special Representative to the European Union, based in Brussels. There, he was also responsible for Hong Kong's trade and economic relations with 14 EU member states. As head of the TDC's Corporate Development division, Mr. Jackson is responsible for directing the planning, finance, human resources and administration functions of the Council. He also oversees the TDC's International Promotions Department.

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