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ApostleMedia Jun 4 Forum Proposes 4 Strikes contra Hong Kong Extradition Law.By Chapman Chen,HKBNews

On June 4 evening, at a Tiananmen Square Massacre forum organized by Apostle Media, a Hong Kong localist Christian net media, its Chair, Yeung Ho-yin, proposed four strikes on a long-term basis -- church-goers', students', workers' & shopkeeper's strikes -- should the Hong Kong Government fail to withdraw the Extradition Law after the June 9 HK mass rally against it. Yeung said that this is a non-incriminating, non-violent, safe but effective way of protest as it will paralyz


門徒媒體今晚舉行六四論壇,主席楊浩然提出: 如六九大遊行後,林鄭不撤回引渡惡法,就實行四罷:罷返教會罷工罷課罷市,癱瘓社會之餘,又毋需負上刑責,補回八九年六月七日被共青團司徒華取消的三罷。香港總共有新教教會共一千間,經常返教會教徒約有萬幾二萬,集體不合作,足以震懾當局。學生獨立聯盟代表呂俊賢提出: 八間大學罷課可延伸至中學;罷課時同學應去開街站,爭取市民支持,癱瘓社會運作。蒞地基督徒主席呂智恒則提出佔領鐵路、機場,如七十年代桃園選舉貪污舞弊案,台灣人曾佔領警局、消防局、鐵路,癱瘓社會。又話可兵分兩路,一路扮佔領中環;另一路揸車於前往機場必經之路,集體落車,堵塞前往機場交通。呂智恒先生又建議消費抵制中資企業,不畀他們賺香港人的錢。 #門徒媒體 #六四 #楊浩然 #引渡條例 #司徒華 #呂俊賢 #呂智恒 #教會 #罷工 #罷課 # 罷市 #逃犯條例 #chapmanchen #christianity #apostlemedia #donaldtrump #maga2020 #keepamericagreat #hongkongreligio

Kowloon City Baptist Church Severs Links w/ Petition contra HongKong Extradition Law.By ChapmanChen

On May 29, a few believers from Kowloon City Baptist Church initiated a joint signature campaign against the controversial Hong Kong Extradition Law. On June 1, Kowloon City Baptist Church uploaded a statement to their facebook page:- " This is to state that our Church has never initiated any joint signature campaign concerning the amendment to the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance." Within 17 hours, the post already attracted 413 angry dislikes. Many comments call Kowloon City Ba

HK Anglican Church Sec. Gen.+ CPPCC Member Canon P. D. Koon Supports Extradition Law.By Chapman Chen

Provincial Secretary General of Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui (HK Anglican Church) cum Member of Beijing Municipal Committee of The Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Rev. Canon Peter Douglas Koon, supports the controversial Extradition Law (Sing Tao Daily 2019-5-20). "The Church's stance is that culprits have to be brought to justice," Koon asserts, "If the Extradition Law is not amended, the suspect of the Taiwan murder case will get away with it, and this goes

Pro-CCP Hong Kong Churches' Prayers for Extradition Law. By Chapman Chen, Hong Kong Bilingual News

Seven major pro-Communist China Hong Kong Churches support the controversial Extradition Law amendment. They all side with the government and either pray that God help to dispel the public's concerns about the Extradition Law so that justice can be done, or praise the authorities for manifesting justice in putting forth the Bill. The six churches are Hong Kong Christian Council (HKCC), Hong Kong Anglican Church (HKSKH), North Point Alliance Church, HK EFCC Taikoo Shing Church

Pro-CCP Hong Kong EFCC Taikoo Shing Church Supports Extradition Law! By Chapman Chen,HK BilinguaNews

Pro-CCP Evangelical Free Church of China Taikoo Shing Church (HK) (中國基督教播道會總會)'s 2019-5-11 prayer request reads, "Despite Hong Kong Government officials' explanations, public concerns for The Fugitive Offenders Ordinance (Amendment) still cannot be dispelled. And it has even given rise to the double Bill Committee chairmen storm in the Legislative Council. We pray that God guide the various parties to reach a consensus so that justice can be achieved." Website LINK: https://

W.r.t. Occupy Leaders' Conviction, Kong Fok Church Prays God Help All Parties to Respect Rule of Law

Pro-CCP Hong Kong Evangelical Free Church of China, Kong Fok Church港福堂's 2019-4-28 Sunday Prayer Request for HK society: "9 defendants of the Occupy Central Case were convicted and sentenced. May God help parties of differing views to respect the rule of law as Hong Kong's core value, and repair the torn society." (By Chapman Chen, Hong Kong Bilingual News) Website:

Pro-CCP Kong Fok Church, HK Prays God Help China to Build a Sci. Station on the Moon.By Chapman Chen

Pro-CCP Hong Kong Evangelical Free Church of China, Kong Fok Church港福堂's 2019-4-28 Sunday Prayer Request for China: "China plans to land men on the surface of the moon & build a scientific research station at the moon's south pole in 10 yrs. May God gift the CSNA research team with wisdom.” Website Link: Website Link: https://www.hongko

HK Buddhist Assn Head + CCP cadre Ven.Shi Kuanyun Supports Banning HK National Party.By Chapman Chen

Ven. Shi Kuan-yun, President, Hong Kong Buddhist Association cum Cadre of The United Front Work Dept of the CCP said, "Tis perfectly legitimate & reasonable for the HK Govt to ban the Hong Kong National Party; in doing so, the Chief Executive Carrie Lam has fulfilled her constitutional responsibility to the Chinese Central Govt." (Wen Weipo, 2019-2-27) Shi Kuan-yun, a Mongolian who migrated from China to Hong Kong in 1983, is in fact the Director of the China Overseas Friend

HK Po Lin Temple Sec. Gen. Ven. Sik Sam Wai confirms her CCP United Front membership.By ChapmanChen

In 2017, Hong Kong Po Lin Monastery Secretary General Ven. Sik Sam Wai釋心慧shared on her own facebook wall a name card of hers, which identified herself as a member of the United Front Work Department, Chinese Communist Party. As shown by other photos uploaded by Sik Sam Wai herself to Facebook in 2017, she and her alleged lover, Po Lin Chief Elder Ven. Sik Kin-chiu釋健釗 (1945-2018), attended the annual dinner of the United Front Work Department of the CCP in the Great Hall of th

USCIRF Advises Sanctioning of China but Fails to Notice Pro-CCP HK Religious Leaders.By ChapmanChen

The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) today released its 20th Annual Report, recommending that America link up religious freedom and US-China trade talks; that USA unite with her Asian allies to sanction China for suppressing religious freedom etc. However, the report fails to mention Hong Kong at all. The US in general, including Religion Ambassador Sam Brownback, who visited HK a few months ago, thinks that religious freedom in HK is OK.


美國國際宗教自由委員會(#USCIRF)今日發布第二十份年度報告,建議國務院列十六國為「特別關注國」(#CPC),譴責其參與或容忍「長期持續,駭人聽聞的違法行為」,威脅全球宗教自由。十六國包括中國、緬甸、伊朗、朝鮮、巴基斯坦、沙特阿拉伯、尼日利亞、俄羅斯、敘利亞、越南等。 但報告的封面只指涉中國。成個一八年,美國政府官員都對中國宗教自由狀況惡化表示擔憂。報告建議美國將宗教自由與美中貿易談判掛鉤,聯同亞洲盟國制裁中國等。另一方面,報告完全無提香港。美國朝野多認為香港享有宗教自由,包括月前訪港的美國宗教大使Sam Brownback,殊不知香港好多宗教領袖經常幫信徒洗腦,要其愛中共多過愛神佛。例如:香港聖公會大主教兼政協鄺保羅(二零一四)質疑香港人為何爭真普選:「耶穌面對判其死刑的比拉多,只係好似隻等人劏的羊一樣,保持沉默!」 港福堂牧師吳宗文要港人順服權威,建議教會驅逐參加佔中的牧師教友。又如香港佛教教育基金會創辦人淨空法師讚習近平為菩薩再來。報告中國部份舉隅如下: 統戰部接官宗教事務 一八年三月,中國政府宣布將宗教事務管轄權從政府機構國家宗教事務

Director of HK Divinity Sch:U could be Extradited to China for Sending Bibles there!By Chapman Chen

Prof. YING Fuk Tsang, Director of Divinity School of Chung Chi College, Chinese University of Hong Kong, who has been researching Chinese Christianity and contemporary China politics and religion for years, asserted in an exclusive interview with Appledaily that many cases in the past have shown that religious activities in Communist China have been repeatedly suppressed as non-religious crimes, including Hong Kong businessman Lai Kwong-keung's smuggling of bibles into China

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