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ApostleMedia Jun 4 Forum Proposes 4 Strikes contra Hong Kong Extradition Law.By Chapman Chen,HKBNews

On June 4 evening, at a Tiananmen Square Massacre forum organized by Apostle Media, a Hong Kong localist Christian net media, its Chair, Yeung Ho-yin, proposed four strikes on a long-term basis -- church-goers', students', workers' & shopkeeper's strikes -- should the Hong Kong Government fail to withdraw the Extradition Law after the June 9 HK mass rally against it. Yeung said that this is a non-incriminating, non-violent, safe but effective way of protest as it will paralyze the society. Yeung stressed that a church-goers' strike on a massive scale will be able to frighten the authorities to a considerable degree for there are 1000 protestant churches in HK. Joey Lui, representative of Students' Independence Union suggested that a school strike by eight HK universities be extended to secondary schools, and that the students set up street counters during the strike to lobby for the public's support.

Hendrick Lui Chi-hang, Chair of Christians to the World, proposed occupying railways and the HK airport for the sake of paralyzing the society, just like Taiwanese activists who have occupied railways three time in their history. He also suggested that the activists divide themselves into two teams. One team shall pretend to occupy Central, while the other drive a big truck, abruptly stop on a must-travel road to the airport, and get out with a view to paralyzing the traffic to it. Hendrick Lui also proposed Hongkongers boycotting China-capital enterprises' products. (Reported by #ChapmanChen, #HKBNews)

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Chapman Chen, HKBNews, reports

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