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Pro-CCP Hong Kong EFCC Taikoo Shing Church Supports Extradition Law! By Chapman Chen,HK BilinguaNews

Pro-CCP Evangelical Free Church of China Taikoo Shing Church (HK) (中國基督教播道會總會)'s 2019-5-11 prayer request reads, "Despite Hong Kong Government officials' explanations, public concerns for The Fugitive Offenders Ordinance (Amendment) still cannot be dispelled. And it has even given rise to the double Bill Committee chairmen storm in the Legislative Council. We pray that God guide the various parties to reach a consensus so that justice can be achieved."

EFCC Taikoo Shing Church's prayer request

Author: Chapman Chen, HKBNews

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May 19, 2019

Christians supporting policies of communism is wrong and evil.

communism is evil. #FreeHongKong #SayNoToCommunistChina

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