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HK Po Lin Temple Sec. Gen. Ven. Sik Sam Wai confirms her CCP United Front membership.By ChapmanChen

In 2017, Hong Kong Po Lin Monastery Secretary General Ven. Sik Sam Wai釋心慧shared on her own facebook wall a name card of hers, which identified herself as a member of the United Front Work Department, Chinese Communist Party. As shown by other photos uploaded by Sik Sam Wai herself to Facebook in 2017, she and her alleged lover, Po Lin Chief Elder Ven. Sik Kin-chiu釋健釗 (1945-2018), attended the annual dinner of the United Front Work Department of the CCP in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing in at least 2016 and 2017. These images subsequently were deleted when publicized by the media. The United Front Department began to take charge of all religions in China in 2016.

According to 2017-11-7 Headline Daily, Ven. Sik Sam Wai co-habited with Ven. Sik Kin-chiu inside a specially built glass house in a temple compound in Tsuen Wan. This came on the heels of reports that the nun and the monk took a holiday in Haiwaii where they shared a room in a luxury villa under the temple name. And the nun was caught sunbathing in a bikini on the beach. Worse still, holidaymakers in an adjoining house heard moans coming from them, reports claimed.

Headline Daily reports on Sik Sam Wai and Sik Kin-chiu:

Sik Sam Wai & Sik Kin Chiu Enjoying themselves in Haiwai.. Photo credit: Headline Daily

Sik Sam Wai and Sik Kin Chiu attending annual dinner of the United Front Work Dept. Images from Sik Sam Wai's facebook wall.

Ven. Sik Kin Chiu and HK Anglican Church Archbishop Paul Kwong reporting to a senior cadre of the United Front Work Dept.

Chapman Chen, HK Bilingual News, reports

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