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Will USA Recognize Taiwan's Status before Pres. Trump Quits Office? 特朗普卸任前會否承認台灣地位?By Chapman Chen

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on 9 Jan said he was lifting restrictions on contacts between U.S. officials and their Taiwanese counterparts. And the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Kelly Craft, who is directly under Pompeo, will visit Taiwan on Jan 13. Would it possible that President Donald Trump, on behalf of the USA, will suddenly recognize the status of Taiwan on 14 Jan or 15 Jan, while he is supposed to hand over his power to Joe Biden on January 20 and the Democratic Party is trying to impeach him? This is not impossible for Trump often thinks outside the box; he will fight like a Rambo or Rocky when caught in an impasse; and his ambition must be to have his own features carved into the granite face of Mount Rushmore. Should America recognize Taiwan as an independent country, Xi Jinping will be obliged by his party members and nationals to take military action, which could lead to WWIII.

"The United States government took these actions unilaterally, in an attempt to appease the Communist regime in Beijing. No more!" stated Pompeo. In vulgar terms, it could mean, "For decades America one-sidedly licked up China's ass. No way now!" This move is legally based on the Taiwan Assurance Act of 2020 as included in the U.S. government's spending bill, which was signed by President Donald Trump on December 27 last year. (The Taiwanese Assurance Act expresses support for Taiwan's defense strategy of asymmetric warfare and her participation in the UN and affiliated organizations.)

As the bill has been endorsed by the U.S. Congress, even after Joe Biden steps into the presidential office on Jan 20, neither he nor Pompeo's successor Anthony Blinken will be able to reverse or undo it. As there is evidence pointing to Hunter Biden having received unreported benefits from Beijing in connections with his father, Joe Biden may feel pressurized to go to war with China in order to prove that he has not been paid off by the CCP.

Author: Chapman Chen, HKBNews

Note: This article has been inspired by Martin Oei's recent youtube video dated 10 Jan 2021.

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