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The Vegan Christ was NOT Crucified for the Forgiveness of your Sin!By Pastor Robert Munro. Ed. Dr. Chapman Chen

Updated: Feb 21

Seriously…Imagine God sitting in Heaven looking down on Earth over 2,000 years ago and thinking…this human species I created needs me to send My only begotten Son to be crucified and for that I will forgive their previous sin. Does that really make sense to you?

Or how about this…God is in Heaven and He sees how terrible humans are treating His other creation of species, the animals, and God thinks, I will send My only begotten Son to Earth so as to teach the humans to stop sacrificing and eating My other species. And then instead of listening to Jesus they crucified Him for disrupting the animal sacrifice at the Temple just before Passover thus threatening the income and food source of the priests.


Truth, Jesus was the first known animal rights activist who was killed for disrupting the animal sacrifice just before passover. Jesus Christ was not crucified for your sins, He was crucified for saving the animals. Think about it, how would that work, God…kill My Son and I will forgive your sins…how does that work??? How about this, Jesus Christ was crucified for trying to stop the slaughter of animals in the Temple just before passover which threatened the income and food supply of the priests. Christ’s death had nothing to do with the forgiveness of sin. Jesus and His brother James were animal rights activists. That is why they killed him. You are responsible for your own sins only through confession and repentance may sin be forgiven.


You will serve your time in hell or purgatory if you are lucky and have stopped eating flesh and secretions of animals and become an animal rights activist, an animal sanctuary operator, an animal rescuer or someone who educates and converts people to veganism. I believe those people who recognize their wrong deeds of eating or killing animals and seek to be forgiven will go to purgatory.


“Dear Father, forgive them for they know not what they are doing!” [Luke 23:34]. My interpretation, Jesus was speaking of flesh eaters who had not been told of the horrors of eating animals…but once you have been told, the guilt is on you! Repent and go vegan or your soul will rot in hell just as the flesh you eat rots in your stomach.


(Reverend Pastor Robert Munro, or as he likes to be called, Pastor Rob, is the founder of The Saint Francis of Assisi Parish of The Humanitarian Church – a whole food, plant-based vegan house of worship in Erieville, New York, USA.)





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