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To Thank God for Providing Animal Flesh is a Sacrificial Cult! By Pastor J. R. Hyland. Ed. Dr. Chapman Chen


"To thank God for the fruits of the earth, given to human beings for their sustenance is a legitimate religious act. But to thank the Lord for providing the flesh of an animal is not legitimate. The eating of flesh is a perversion of God's law, indulged by a fallen human race. And to thank God for providing such food is the modern equivalent of sacrificial religion; it represents a continuing determination to claim God's blessing on the slaughter, and consumption, of His creatures." (Hyland 2000:102)


A Short Biography of J.R. Hyland

Janet Regina Hyland (November 30, 1933 – October 9, 2007), also known as J. R. Hyland, was an American theological author. She was known for her work on animal rights and her books What the Bible Really Says and The Slaughter of Terrified Beasts. She was a vegan and believed in the ethical treatment of animals, often collaborating with animal rights groups. She served in the United States Air Force and was ordained by the Assemblies of God in 1984, after completing her studies in religious education and biblical theology. Besides advocating for animal rights, Hyland actively participated in prison ministry, supported migrant farm workers, and promoted female equality.


Hyland founded Viatoris Ministries in 1995. It is a pro-animal vegan Christian parachurch resource ministry based in Sarasota, Florida. Viatoris Ministries published a bimonthly magazine called Humane Religion, which was written by Hyland herself. The ministry and the magazine provided scriptural support and encouragement for the belief that love and compassion should be the hallmark of relationships with all God's creatures.


Hyland, J.R. (2000). God's Covenant with Animals -- A Biblical Basis for the Humane Treatment of All Creatures. New York: Lantern Books.


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