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Japanese Lady Attacked by Hong Kong Police to Turn it into an International Scandal! By Chapman Chen

A senior Japanese lady in yukata was pepper-sprayed in the eyes, forcefully knocked down, and walked over by a whole team of Hong Kong riot police outside City Plaza, Taikoo Shing, at 10:05 pm this evening (Oct. 3). Totally unarmed, she had done nothing apart from standing still on the street. She was then moved by a couple of young protesters to a park nearby, where they washed her eyes. "You had better retreat first, for you are living in a society where you will never be rewarded no matter how hard you struggle, according to Prof. Chikako, Faculty of Humanities, University of Tokyo. Even if you continue to protest, you can never reach a solution. So just let me turn this incident into an international scandal for you," said the Japanese lady in Mandarin to the young activists around her. Meanwhile, she was trying to contact the Japanese Consulate General.

Later, ambulance men arrived but the lady refused to be sent to hospital. She would just receive a little treatment in the ambulance. (Chapman Chen, HKBNews, reports)

Pic & info credit: StandNews.

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