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Hong Kong Pop Singer Denise Ho Condemns AND Begs Pres Donald Trump. By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

On Aug 16 evening, at a "Stand with Hong Kong, Power to the People" gathering in Central Hong Kong, when HK Canto-Pop singer Denise Ho, who had recently spoken at Oslo Freedom Forum and the UN about the violation of human rights in HK, was going to give a speech, several citizens successively shouted to her, "Don't condemn Donald Trump!" "Don't break with Trump!"

Denise Ho Questions Pres Trump's Integrity

It turns out that Denise Ho posted on Aug. 15 on her facebook, "Turning to Trump himself for help? No, thanks. Such an amoral guy may betray us any minute without our knowing it!" She attributed the promotion of the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act and of the banning of the sale of ammunition and gear to HK Police to Nancy Pelosi only, and questioned the integrity of President Donald Trump. "Only 2 weeks earlier Trump called you rioters. Now with his strategy changed, he is using Hongkongers as a chess piece. He started the trade war not because he cared about human rights nor because he cared about Hong Kong!"

Denise Ho to Ask for Help from USA

However, on Aug 16 evening, she went on stage and pleaded with Western countries like the US, UK and Australia to care about HK and sanction China. In fact, she was going to lobby for support in the US on Aug 19. She asserted that both Western countries and HK are encountered with the same powerful obstacle to global democracy and human rights -- China.

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