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From Communist China to Nazi China: A Hong Kong Perspective. By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

Since its "opening up and reform," China has exchanged communism for neo-Nazism (state-capitalism combined with absolutism) in terms of expansion, totalitarianism and ultra-nationalism. Being on the frontline between Western democracy and China Nazism, 2019 Hong Kong is 1939 Poland. In harassing an 2019-8-17 "Stand with HK" gathering in Toronto, China students actually raised their arms in an apparent Nazi salute. Hong Kong's core values are freedom, Christian love, equality, plus Confucian benevolence, which are wholly incompatible with China's. Hong Kong does not want to be like China. Hongkongers wish the US Congress would pass the Hong Kong Human Rights & Democracy Act to sanction the Fascist-HK and Nazi-China regimes; the West had better avoid repeating the mistake of Britain's appeasement policy in the 1930s, which allowed Nazi Germany to expand its territory unchecked.

Similarities btw Nazi China and Nazi Germany

China is similar to Nazi Germany in three main aspects, namely expansionism, totalitarianism and ultra-nationalism. Nazi China is apparently determined to export to the entire world the China model, which is a combination of Nazi-like totalitarianism and State capitalism. In terms of economy, it employs planned economy and interventionist measures to guarantee economic growth and enable macroscopic regulation. China’s investment model in other countries is likely to tolerate corruption and a lack of transparency. In terms of politics, it is characterized by suppression of democracy, freedom and human rights.

Nazi China's Expansionism

In terms of expansionism, China has been trying to control the economy of other countries by way of the Belt and Road Initiative, and to infiltrate them in all domains by traditional and non-traditional espionage, e.g., Chinese migrants in massive amounts, "businessmen, scientists, high-level academics, and students", as put by Christopher Wray, USA FBI chief. China has claimed the majority of the South China Sea belongs to it and built military islands there. Also, in November 2018 Chinese President Xi Jinping held a summit for regional leaders in Papua New Guinea – just before the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit was held there. The region is close to key US strategic assets in the Pacific Ocean, like Hawaii and Midway Island.

"A lie repeated 1000 times will become truth"

In terms of totalitarianism, Nazi China, just like Nazi Germany, is ruled by one tyrannical party led by one dictator (Xi Jinping) with absolute power, who has made himself president for life. An essential of totalitarianism is brainwashing propaganda. "A lie repeated 1000 times will become truth," said Joseph Goebbells, Reich Minister of Propaganda of Nazi Germany. Similarly, State-controlled media in both China and Hong Kong and even overseas falsely allege that the Hong Kong Time Revolution is staged by USA and the activists are paid off by the CIA. In fact, Nazi China has purchased most media, both mainstream and online, in Hong Kong.

Meanwhile, Beijing is buying up media outlets and training scores of foreign journalists to ‘tell China’s story well’ – as part of a worldwide propaganda campaign of astonishing scope and ambition. For example, China Global Television Network presents an enticing prospect for western journalists, demoralised by endless budget cuts, offering attractive salaries to work in state-of-the-art purpose-built studios in Chiswick, west London. CGTN – as the international division of China Central Television (CCTV) rebranded in 2016 – is the most eye-catching module of China’s fast media expansion across the world, whose target, in the words of President Xi Jinping, is to “tell China's story well". In effect, telling China’s story well means working for the ideological goals of the State.


In terms of ultra-nationalism, Nazi China claims that ethnic Chinese all over the world belong to a Greater China and are supposed to be loyal to it. Just like Nazi Germany incited Germans by emphasizing the need to redress the humiliation suffered in WWI, Nazi China often exaggerates the hundred years of national humiliation, which is how the period of intervention and imperialism by Western powers and Japan in China between 1839 and 1949 came to be called in China. Just as Nazi Germany claimed that the Aryan race is the most superior one in the world, Nazi China keeps propagating that China is a greatest country with a grandiose civilization of 5000 years. Just as German Nazism's appeal to the average German lay in its promises of economic rejuvenation and the communal spirit of Volksgemeinschaft, China-Nazism's appeal to the average Mainland Chinese lies in its economic revival and newly found international leverage, which Nazi China calls evidence of " the most prosperous era" of China.


An important component of ultra-nationalism is ethnic-cleansing or genocide. Nazi China has set up Auschwitz-like concentration camps in Xinjiang to imprison millions of innocent Uyghurs. On top of that, the HK Police has set up a concentration camps at San Uk Ling on the border between HK and China to detain dissidents, including men, women, and children, many of whom are tortured until their bones crack. Female protesters are even stripped naked and sexually abused.

Just as Nazi SS ruthlessly assaulted the Jews in their homes, schools, hospital and synagogues on the 1938 Kristallnacht, HK police regularly assail civilians, protesters and non-protesters alike, on the streets and on board of public transports. E.g. they sealed Prince Edward MTR Station on Sept 3 night, and indiscriminately attacked passengers inside with batons, rubber bullets, pepper spray, etc. 3 injured civilians there are reportedly missing and suspected to have been annihilated.

Moreover, ever since the beginning of the Hong Kong Time Revolution, the HK Police has shot 2000 rounds of highly poisonous overdue tear gas canister, containing a high degree of cyanine, not only on the streets, but also into elderly's homes, residential buildings, train stations, rendering closed areas like metro stations into gas chambers, like those used by Nazi Germany for exterminating Jews. Just as Nazi Germany called Jews rats, the New China News Agency, the HK Police and certain pro-CCP lawmakers like Junius Ho label Hong Kong activists "cockroaches" that need to be annihilated without mercy.

Exclusion from Professions

Just as Nazi Germany excluded the Jews from civil service, and professions like medicine, media and art, law and farm ownership, Cathay and other Hong Kong airlines have outsed staff supporting the anti-extradition-law movement; the Hong Kong Bank has forced senior staff like John Flint to resign; Hong Kong accounting firms and the HK metro corporation have got rid of staff with dissident opinions; and the Hong Kong Department of Justice has queried the eligibility of an intern-lawyer on the ground that he has condemned police brutality on Facebook.

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