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From Communist China to Nazi China: A Hong Kong Perspective. By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

Since its "opening up and reform," China has exchanged communism for neo-Nazism (state-capitalism combined with absolutism) in terms of expansion, totalitarianism and ultra-nationalism. Being on the frontline between Western democracy and China Nazism, 2019 Hong Kong is 1939 Poland. In harassing an 2019-8-17 "Stand with HK" gathering in Toronto, China students actually raised their arms in an apparent Nazi salute. Hong Kong's core values are freedom, Christian love, equality,

Free Hong Kong from China Fascism. By Chapman Chen, Hong Kong Bilingual News

Hong Kong is part of the free world; we share common values such as freedom and love. On June 12 Hong Kong police indiscriminately shot Hongkongers, foreigners and press. It is a plain anti-humanity Fascist crime. We wish civilized countries would speak out for Hong Kong at G 20 summit; we wish the international community would not repeat the mistake of 1939 Munich agreement, which allowed Nazi Germany to swallow Western Czechoslovakia. If the free world should indulge Fasci

Former Lawmaker Baggio Leung: Identity's Crucial for Hong Kong & Israel's Rebirth.By Chapman Chen

During WWII, presumably, not a single Jew in Nazi Germany would think that they could one day rebuild their nation Israel. They would consider themselves lucky if they could escape from the concentration camps alive. But the Jews' identification with their ethnic group is always strong. Whenever a Jew gets rich, he/she will take good care of his/her compatriots. Contrastively, after Li Ka Shing got rich, he has not helped us. Thus, to build up a strong Hong Kong identity is c

Is Pres Trump, like F. Roosevelt, Provoking China to Fire the 1st Shot? By Chapman Chen

President Donald Trump is arguably provoking China to fire the first shot so that America will have good reason to declare war on China and put an end to this number one enemy of America once and for all, just like Franklin Roosevelt and his administration, who, according to Stinnett (2010), deliberately provoked and allowed the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor to bring USA into World War II, as anti-war voices were strong domestically. History repeats itself. Dictators, out o

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