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Dallas Buddhist Assn. Hon. Chair Ven. Chin Kung Says Xi Jinping is Boddhisattva. By Chapman Chen

Dallas Buddhist Association, Texas, Hon. Chair, Hong Kong Buddhist Education Foundation Founder, Rev. Chin Kung 淨空 preached in 2014 at Pure Land Learning College Association, Toowoomba, Australia, "Today, China's prosperous era is covering the whole world. President Xi Jinping is a good leader, remarkable! He is Bodhisattva come again, Bodhisattva reincarnated. He selflessly works for his country, for his nation, for all suffering sentient beings in the entire world. As a result, this world has a promising future." In 2012, Chin Kung preached, " Einstein is burning in Hell for having invented atomic bomb. He would not have done this had he received China education."

Fact: Since Xi Jinping became President of China, he has condemned “Western” values including the rule of law, press freedom, and constitutionalism. He has made himself president for life. And ever more human rights defenders have endured arbitrary detention, imprisonment, and enforced disappearance in China. One to three million Uyghurs have ended up in concentration camps. And there are now 49 political prisoners in Hong Kong. The government has drastically tightened control over the internet, mass media, and academia. Authorities have stepped up their persecution of religious communities.

Fact: Albert Einstein did not actually invent the atomic bomb though the atomic bomb illustrates his equation E=mc2.

Ven. Chin Kung (b. 1927) was born in Lujiang County, Anhui Province, China. He moved to Taiwan in 1949. He studied Buddhism and the classics under the guidance of Professor Thomé H. Fang. He founded the Hwa Dzan Dharma Giving Association; the Hwa Dzan Buddhist Audio-Visual Library, Taiwan; the Corporate Body of the Buddha Educational Foundation, Taiwan; Dallas Buddhist Association, USA; Pure Land Learning College Association, Queensland, Australia; and Hong Kong Buddhist Education Foundation. In 2008, Chin Kung invested more than USD 90 million to set up in his hometown in Communist China The Lujiang Centre of Cultural Education.


Text: Chapman Chen, Hong Kong Bilingual News

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