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美國政論家建議港人罷交租交稅Dr. Anders Corr Suggests Rent & Tax Strikes in Hong Kong. By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

美國政論家安德斯哥雅博士Dr. Anders Corr昨日推特貼文建議:「有組織罷交租,罷交稅有助香港三罷〔罷工罷課罷市〕」。 哥雅博士認為,「香港人應該罷交租,皆因香港一般打工仔需要儲十年薪水,方能買到層蚊型樓,罷交租會令中共好頭痕。小業主可豁免。」 至於有香港人擔憂罷交稅會罰重款並且坐監,哥雅博士指出,「如果大量人同時咁做,當局就無法將所有人都困入監。」 按:好多香港網民亦惱香港克警收香港〔納稅人〕的錢,打香港人。American politics critic Dr. Anders Corr tweets that "an organized rent strike, rate strike, or tax strike, would help the general strike in Hong Kong" against the Extradition Law and for universal suffrage. Dr. Corr thinks that why Hong Kong needs a rent strike is because "it's a tough tactic for the CCP to beat, and it takes 10 years of wages to buy a tiny studio apartment." "Small landlords could be exempted, nonetheless." Regarding the concern that Hongkongers who fail to pay tax will be heavily fined and sent to jail, Dr. Corr points out that "If a large percentage of the population does it simultaneously, they cannot put everyone in jail." Many Hong Kong netizens are also angry that while the "dirty cops" of Hong Kong beat up Hongkongers, they are paid out of Hongkongers' tax money.

Pic credit: Anders Corr

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