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Beautiful Hong Kong Dissident Girl Pepper-Sprayed & Besieged by Police. By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

A beautiful unarmed girl on Jan 19 afternoon was pepper-sprayed and besieged by the Hong Kong Police in a pedestrian subway leading to the Edinburgh Place in Central, where a demonstration against police brutality was taking place. Apparently she was in great agony. Then dozens of riot police arrived, who lined up at the entrance to the subway and blocked the view of all the reporters present, though the commander did say they would facilitate the reporters' work. There have

倫敦香港監察譴責平安夜港警暴行Hong Kong Watch Condemns X'mas Eve Police Brutality. Trans. Chapman Chen, HKBNews

倫敦人權組織香港監察Hong Kong Watch出聲明譴責平安夜香港警察的野蠻行為,呼籲即刻進行國際獨立調查、實施麥列斯基Magnitsky Act制裁: 香港和平購物者及抗爭人士,昨慶祝平安夜,竟受到警察殘酷鎮壓,香港監察大為震驚。 傳媒廣泛報導警察毆打市民,向人個頭同面射橡膠子彈(明顯違反國際準則),無差別用催淚彈、水砲,對付尖沙咀及其他地區慶祝聖誕的大致和平人群,又一次顯示香港人權危機不斷升級。 香港監察創辦人兼主席羅傑斯(Benedict Rogers)道: 「平安夜,香港見證警察暴行。難道香港人如今連和平聚會,慶祝聖誕購物同唱聖詩都不得?香港警暴持續,程度嚴重,迫切需要國際獨立調查。」 Hong Kong Watch Statement: Hong Kong Watch Condemns Christmas Eve Police Brutality And Calls For Immediate International Independent Inquiry And Targeted Magnitsky Sanctions Hon

A Repeat of Nanjing Massacre in Hong Kong. By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

Today (Dec 13) is the 82nd anniversary of the start of Nanjing Massacre, a repeat of which was witnessed by Hong Kong in the last 6 months. Nanjing fell under the Japanese army and for the next 6 weeks the city suffered the painful atrocities known as the Rage of Nanking. Meanwhile, as recorded in her diary, American educator Minnie Vautrin (Sept 27, 1886 - May 14, 1941), comparable to the hero of Schindler's List, harbored more than 10000 women and children in her Nanjing sc

香港邵嵐在眾議院籲美速制裁侵犯香港人權官員 JoeySiu at USHouse Begs US to Sanction HK HumanRights-Violating Officials Fast

本年十二月十日人權日,美國外交事務亞洲小組委員會舉行聽證會,涵括新疆及香港人權狀況。香港城市大學學生會副會長邵嵐小姐作證。請大家關住香港六千異見人士被捕,克警發射萬枚催淚彈,對示威者濫用武力;被捕者在拘留中心,常遭酷刑虐待,甚至性暴力輪姦;又提到梁天琦被捕入獄以來,香港政治權利大受蠶蝕;呼籲美國迅速制裁侵犯香港人權的官員。 聽證會,題曰:具中國特色的威權主義:中國的政治和宗教人權挑戰。 主席眾議員白德·佘爾文(Brad Sherman)和副主席眾議員Ted Yoho主持聽證會。 外交事務委員會成員羅恩·賴特(Ron Wright),阿米·貝拉(Ami Bera),約翰·柯蒂斯(John Curtis),佩里(Perry),瓦格納(Wagner),列文(Levin),斯潘伯格(Spanberger)和泰特斯(Titus)眾議員出席了聽證會。 外交事務委員會成員羅恩·賴特(Ron Wright),阿米·貝拉(Ami Bera),約翰·柯蒂斯(John Curtis),佩里(Perry),華格納(Wagner),李文(Levin),斯潘伯格(Spanb

應承五大訴求收你皮!How the 5 Demands may be Granted to Fool Hongkongers!By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

坊間傳聞中國會應承香港五大訴求,應該係吹水。但中國一旦應承五大訴求,例如委任表面中立暗底親共法官成立獨立調查委員會,就可令港豬三呼萬歲,解散時代革命,然後加強換血殖民, 秋後算帳,最終收香港人的皮。如今香港人要的,正如美國參議員Marco Rubio同Nancy Pelosi 正確指出,其實係真正自治自由,經已超越五大訴求。 中共永遠不會畀香港自治自由,事關自治自由即是獨立自主。九二六林鄭對話會,講明「香港自治就唔會係一國兩制。」以下為老共可如何利用五大訴求禍港,香港同胞,切勿上當! 第一 成立獨立調查委員會 委任表面黃絲、暗底藍絲,退休法官率領獨立調查委員會, 做戲查佢三五年, 就乜鬼革命民氣都無哂啦! 第二 林鄭下台 即刻雙普選。 唐英年奉命接替林鄭做特首, 港豬歡呼習總萬歲,點知唐英年重聽話過林鄭。 即時雙普選,但要由選舉主任根據基本法篩選參選者,例如曾經嗌光復香港時代革命口號, 就係違反基本法一國兩制, 必須褫奪政治權利終身! 第三撤回送中惡法。經已 正式撤回, 但代之以更加惡毒的緊急法! 第四,撤回暴動定性。 特首撤回六一二甚至成個時代

Naked Young Polish Man's Body & White Protester's Dubious Selfies蘭桂坊波蘭裸屍與抗爭白男自拍. By Chapman Chen

On Oct 23 some netizens began to circulate 2 "selfies" (Pic D & E) of a young white man called James checking in with the public, whom they claim is the young white man who, according to STP Media, was assaulted and arrested by the Hong Kong Police at 5:30 pm on Oct 20 at the junction between Lai Chi Kok Road and Poplar Street (Pic A & B). Many netizens suspect that he is the 25-year-old Polish man whose stark naked body was found lying in Lan Kwai Fong in Central at 2:58 am

Carrie Lam may Grant the 5 Demands to Fool Hongkongers!五大訴求袋主先?By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam may as well fool Hongkongers by granting the 5 demands of them. As rightly put by Senator Marco Rubio, "What began as a protest against an unjust extradition bill backed by China has now become a fight for Hong Kong’s autonomy and future." What most Hongkongers in fact desire and "deserve" is "real autonomy" -- to borrow Senator Nancy Pelosi's words -- i.e. freedom from China colonization, which Beijing will never grant, for it implies ind

Hong Kong Fits Gregory Stanton's 10-Stage-Genocide Model. 香港種族滅絕十級跳 By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

Summary: The human rights situation of Hong Kong ever since the HK Time Revolution was triggered by the Extradition Law in early June roughly fits the ten-stage-genocide model of Prof. Gregory Stanton, Founder of Genocide Watch cum former President of the International Association of Genocide Scholars. Apparently, China aims at eventually exterminating all true Hongkongers and replacing them with colonizing migrants from China. The 10 stages include classification (e.g. net c

" President Donald Trump" Bashed Unconscious by Hong Kong Police! 香港特朗普被克警打殘!By Chapman Chen,HKBNews

During the 9.29 Global Anti-Totalitarianism March in Hong Kong, around 3 pm, a man donning a mask of US President Donald Trump was walking peacefully in Admiralty when he was suddenly caught up from behind by Hong Kong riot police, who knocked his head with shields, bashed him, choked his neck and pushed him down. He then lost consciousness, and was lifted up and carried away in a police vehicle. 九二九全球反極權大遊行期間,下午三點左右,一位男士,戴美國總統特朗普面具,在金鐘和平步行,突然被大批防暴警從後用盾牌大力撞低,拳打腳踢,棍毆叉頸,直至完全失去

Male Hong Kong Dissident Allegedly Sodomized by Police 男義士被克警輪流雞姦?By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

In the Sept 27 Edinburgh Place gathering against police brutality, the M.C. read aloud a statement by a male survivor of the San Uk Ling Detention Centre. The man was arrested for rioting around the end of August. When he refused to unlock his cell phone, the police sprayed pepper into this eyes. Subsequently, he was taken to the detention center where, eyes blurred by pepper, he could still hear men screaming in agony. The police then took off his clothes, tied his limbs to

Will Yet Another Body be Found Floating on Hong Kong Waters near Peng Chau? By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

According to a 2019-9-25 post on D100 Fans Club Facebook Page , "This morning a whatsapp message was received from a friend, who claimed that 8 police officers, 1 in white, 7 in blue, entered Peng Chau, an outlying island of Hong Kong, this morning. Anyone who has ever been to Peng Chau or has lived there knows that usually not so many police officers will go there. Only two cops will patrol a beat. And after one round, they will leave by ferry. This time one cop guarded the

Hong Kong Police Target Young Pretty Girl-Protesters克警候實後生靚女? By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

The Hong Kong Police again arrested two young pretty female protesters for unlawful assembly & possession of offensive weapons (laser pointers) at Castle Peak Bay around 17:50 today (9.21). Denied bail, they will have to stay in Castle Peak Police Station for 48 hrs. Civilians launched a "Retrieve Tuen Mun" march today, which was dispersed by the police with tear gas and sponge rounds. The demonstrators were chased to Castle Peak Road. Indeed, Hong Kong police often target yo

Hong Kong Police Spray Pepper into Young Protester's Wounds! 香港警察在義士傷口噴胡椒!By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

On Sept 15 evening in a North Point car park, Hong Kong policemen broke a young protester's head with batons, and, after subduing him, ground his face against the ground, and then sprayed pepper into his wounds, leaving a huge pool of blood on the ground, like those after a heavy rainfall, an eye-witness told HKBNews. On the evening, a group of suspected "Fukkien" thugs attacked protesters in North Point and got counter-attacked. The police arrested many protesters. When they

Gang Rape in Hong Kong Auschwitz?新屋嶺淫姦集中營?By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

"Gang rape has really occurred in San Uk Ling Detention Center!" Dr. CHAN Sze Chi陳士齊, Senior Lecturer, Dept of Religion & Philosophy, Hong Kong Baptist University, wrote on his Facebook on Sept 14, "20 girls are now in a certain hospital in the New Territories. Every single one of them carries 3 sexually transmitted diseases inside the body! A female minister of the church just went to see them." Concerning whether there are female protesters who have been raped by the police

Gang Rape in Hong Kong Concentration Camp? 香港淫辱集中營?By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

"Gang rape has really occurred in San Uk Ling Detention Center!" Dr. CHAN Sze Chi, Senior Lecturer, Dept of Religion & Philosophy, Hong Kong Baptist University, today (Sept 14) wrote on his Facebook, "20 girls are now in a certain hospital in the New Territories. Every single one of them have 3 sexually transmitted diseases inside the body! A female minister of the church just went to see them." Concerning whether there are female protesters who have been raped by the police,

Baggio Leung: Moles to be Deterred! 梁頌恒話無間道須付代價By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

On Aug 13, Police armed with batons and pepper spray have clashed with thousands of anti-police-brutality protesters at Hong Kong’s international airport, when two Mainland Chinese, suspected to be moles, were detained by protesters there. Baggio Leung, former democratically elected lawmaker disqualified for declaring that Hong Kong is not China, opines on his Facebook, "If moles pretending to be protesters (and discovered) do not have to pay, what will the dirty cops do subs

網媒記者執彈殼被捕;香港新聞自由何在?Hong Kong Online Journalist Deprived of Press Freedom. By Chapman Chen曾焯文

八月五號凌晨三點十五分,網媒前線觀察記者鄭偉成,持有效記者證,獨自一人在觀塘警署外,安全島上,檢獲海綿彈殼(警察早前無警告就從差館高處向示威人士發射),志在專題報道警察用過期彈,詎料被警察以非法集結及非法藏有彈藥罪名拘捕,沒收相機電話三腳架頭盔防毒面具記者證等採訪必需品,拘押四十八小時後,以一萬大元保釋。鄭偉成譴責警方打壓網媒記者新聞自由,呼籲熱心市民損贈Nicon P1000相機,價值約八千元,或助其獲得,以便繼續採訪報導前線人權真相(有心人請PM本報)。 根據香港法例第238章 《火器及彈藥條例》,非法管有彈藥並不包括已發射的彈殼。 據RTHK直播,鄭偉成當時著反光背心,有記者安全帽,獨自坐在將軍澳隧道、鯉魚門道交界安全島。鄭偉成稱警察一截查佢,就話認得佢係豪涌爆炸案被告。在其左褲袋搜到海棉彈殼,就話「拉得啦!」鄭偉成出示記者證,警察話係假證,但證後面有警務處組織牌照相。鄭偉成解釋想攞彈殼去化驗彈頭硬化程度,專題報導警方用過期海綿彈。警察並無將其解釋記錄在日誌,拘捕時亦無警誡。 押上警車之後,警察對鄭道:「你逐個影我地,想做人面辨識乎?」 R

Hong Kong Police Deprive Online Reporter of Press Freedom. By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

At 3:15 am on August 5, Cheng Wai-shing, a journalist holding a valid press card issued by online media Frontline Observation, was alone on a kerbed island outside Kwun Tong Police Station, where he picked up sponge round shell cases earlier on fired from high up the police station by the police at the protesters below without warning. Unexpectedly, he was arrested by the Police for unlawful assembly and unlawful possession of ammunition. His Nicon P1000 camera, iphone, tripo

逆權律師:如法庭受衝擊,應譴責政府!Frontline HK Lawyer: Should the Court be Stormed, Condemn Govt! By Chapman Chen

八月七號香港律師黑衣遊行,抗議律政司濫告。 其中有幪面律師話:「我已經唔識得點樣畀法律意見,皆因政權無視法律;香港法律經已無有效保障個人基本人權!香港警察經已由無差別打人,發展到無差別 拉人。繼警察被政權擺上枱,如今輪到法庭被政權擺上枱。我唔鼓勵衝擊法庭,亦都唔希望見到。但有日法庭受到衝擊,香港人請勿譴責衝擊的人,應該譴責麻木不仁的政府!” On August 7, during a march of several thousand Hong Kong lawyers clad in black in protest of political prosecution, a voluntary independent frontline lawyer wearing a mask said, "I neither encourage people to storm the court nor wish to see it happen, but one day, should the court be stormed, condemn not t

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