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Will Yet Another Body be Found Floating on Hong Kong Waters near Peng Chau? By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

According to a 2019-9-25 post on D100 Fans Club Facebook Page , "This morning a whatsapp message was received from a friend, who claimed that 8 police officers, 1 in white, 7 in blue, entered Peng Chau, an outlying island of Hong Kong, this morning. Anyone who has ever been to Peng Chau or has lived there knows that usually not so many police officers will go there. Only two cops will patrol a beat. And after one round, they will leave by ferry. This time one cop guarded the bridge while the others were asked to go separately and follow the one armed with a 'big gun.'"

Many comments below the post concerned worry that some "body" will be found tomorrow or so floating on the waters opposite Peng Chau or the adjacent Discovery Bay. In recent weeks, a number of bodies were found floating under mysterious circumstances on the sea, but the Hong Kong police invariably claimed that there was nothing suspicious. Many civilians firmly believe that they are victims of police brutality since the 8.11 suppression on protests and police's 8.31 indiscriminate assault on Prince Edward MTR Station passengers.

E.g., on Sept 19 afternoon, police officers wearing white gloves were seen on the seashore of Aberdeen Island and on Sept 20 the body of a male was found on Repulse Bay. Within 15 minutes the deceased's alleged brother was located and brought to identify the body. And the police concluded there was nothing suspicious.

On Sept 24, the body of a 28-year-old male bleeding through his mouth, ears and eyes, were found floating opposite the harbor-front park of Tsuen Wan. On Sept 7, the body of an 81-year-old male invalid was found floating near North Point Pier with both hands tied and a bag containing 4 bricks attached to his body. On the morning of 9/22, the corpse of a stark naked 25-year-old blonde was found floating on the sea off Devil's Peak, Yau Tong.

Pic credit: D100 Fans Club

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