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A Repeat of Nanjing Massacre in Hong Kong. By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

Today (Dec 13) is the 82nd anniversary of the start of Nanjing Massacre, a repeat of which was witnessed by Hong Kong in the last 6 months. Nanjing fell under the Japanese army and for the next 6 weeks the city suffered the painful atrocities known as the Rage of Nanking. Meanwhile, as recorded in her diary, American educator Minnie Vautrin (Sept 27, 1886 - May 14, 1941), comparable to the hero of Schindler's List, harbored more than 10000 women and children in her Nanjing school -- Ginling College. Below please find a few excerpts from her diary which remind us of what is happening in Communist Hong Kong, w.r.t., 6000 dissidents arrested, incl. 1000 kids, 16000 toxic tear gas canisters fired, alleged gang-rapes by police, mysterious suicides, school invasion, etc.

A World-Famous City Ruined

On Dec. 21, 1937, Minnie wrote, "The once energetic, hopeful capital is now almost an empty shell -- pitiful, heartrending."

Similarly, since June when the anti-extradition law movement or the HK Time Revolution broke out, 6000 dissidents have been arrested and/or tortured (cf. Amnesty International's 2019-9-20 report), including around 1000 children, 16000 tear gas canisters and 16000 other kinds of ammunition fired by the police, turning the Pearl of the East into hell. The tear gas used by the HK police is made in China and highly toxic, just like the erosive gas bombs used by the Imperial Japanese Army in invading China, as found by Japanese historical scholar Seiya Matsuno in 2019.

Exterminate the Brutes!

On Dec 19, 1937, Minnie made numerous runs from one place to another across the campus in answer to calls to keep Japanese soldiers out. She indicated in her diary that day, "There in room 538, I found one standing at the door, and one inside already raping a poor girl. Minnie then exploded: "In my wrath I wish I had the power to smite them in their dastardly work."

Similarly, most Hongkongers are so infuriated at police brutality that they often shout, even in the face of the police, "May the entire families of the crooked cops perish!" "All cops should drop dead on the street!"

Campuses Invaded

In December 1937, Japanese soldiers attempted to break in to the campus from every possible direction just as Hongkong police officers attacked and severely damaged the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in November 2019.

Girls Gang-raped

From Dec 1937 through 1938, the frightened women who rushed to Ginling College for refuge indicated that girls from age twelve were raped. On Dec 17, some Japanese soldiers kept Minnie Vautrin responsible people at the front gate of the college, claiming to be searching for "Chinese soldiers", while the other Japs snatched away girls at side gate.

Similarly, there have been allegations of women and even men having been gang-raped by the Hong Kong Police since June 2019. Chun Sen Huang, a pastor of the Chi Nan Presbyterian Church in Taipei said he recently learned of a protester who said she had been raped by the Hong Kong police and needed a boat to smuggle her to Taiwan so that she could receive an abortion. And a woman filed a complaint to the force on October 22 alleging that she had been raped in the Tsuen Wan Police Station in Sept. She underwent abortion at Queen Elizabeth Hospital on Oct 7 and a DNA sample of the fetus was kept. Moreover, on Oct 10, during a dialogue of the Vice-chancellor of the Chinese University of HK with the student, a female student Sonia Ng complained that during her detention, she was sexually assaulted by the police and at least one male activist was gang-raped in the concentration camp San Uk Ling.

Suicides or Homicides?

Minnie also saw with her own eyes a large heap of victims' bodies at the edge of two ponds in a valley and all through the hills not far away from the Ginling campus.

Hong Kong Police often shoot civilians & even journalists in their head or their heart indiscriminately. E.g. the right eye of a first aider was badly hurt by the police with a bean bag shot on Aug 11 night. The right eye of an Indonesian journalist Veby Mega Indah was blinded by the HK police with a rubber bullet on Sept 29. On Nov 11 morning a traffic cop shot at close range the kidney of an unarmed young man crossing a road during a protest.

On 1 October 2019, a police officer shot a young protester at a point blank range with a revolver.

The number of bodies found between Jun & Sept, 2019 is 2537, 311 more same period in 2018 (HK Security Bureau data). The number of alleged suicides (drowning, jumping from height, etc) between Jun & Sept, 2019 is 256, 34 more same period in 2018 (HK Security Bureau data). Naked bodies, esp. female bodies, are regularly found floating on the sea and naked bodies fall from height frequently. On Sept 6, 7 alleged suicides were reported. From Dec 5 to Dec 6 morning, within less than 16 hours, 4 cases of alleged suicides by jumping from height occurred, all without a suicide note. Most Hongkonger believe that those suicides are in fact homicides by the police though the latter always say "nothing suspicious".

Senile Citizens Not Spared

On Dec 21, Minnie accompanied an American diplomat's former cook to visit his home because he learned that his seventy-five-year-old father had been killed. Similarly, not only young people but also senior citizens have been assaulted and/or arrested by the Hong Kong Police. E.g., cancer stage III patient Old Ng was shot in the belly and violently beaten up by police officers in the June 12 anti-Extradition-Law protest while he was just orally reprimanding them at a distance for shooting young activists. And on Oct 27 afternoon, a senile woman's head was smashed by a HK cop during a peaceful protest in a Tsim Sha Tsui park.

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