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HK Buddhist Assn Head + CCP cadre Ven.Shi Kuanyun Supports Banning HK National Party.By Chapman Chen

Ven. Shi Kuan-yun, President, Hong Kong Buddhist Association cum Cadre of The United Front Work Dept of the CCP said, "Tis perfectly legitimate & reasonable for the HK Govt to ban the Hong Kong National Party; in doing so, the Chief Executive Carrie Lam has fulfilled her constitutional responsibility to the Chinese Central Govt." (Wen Weipo, 2019-2-27) Shi Kuan-yun, a Mongolian who migrated from China to Hong Kong in 1983, is in fact the Director of the China Overseas Friend

HK Po Lin Temple Sec. Gen. Ven. Sik Sam Wai confirms her CCP United Front membership.By ChapmanChen

In 2017, Hong Kong Po Lin Monastery Secretary General Ven. Sik Sam Wai釋心慧shared on her own facebook wall a name card of hers, which identified herself as a member of the United Front Work Department, Chinese Communist Party. As shown by other photos uploaded by Sik Sam Wai herself to Facebook in 2017, she and her alleged lover, Po Lin Chief Elder Ven. Sik Kin-chiu釋健釗 (1945-2018), attended the annual dinner of the United Front Work Department of the CCP in the Great Hall of th

Dallas Buddhist Assn. Hon. Chair Ven. Chin Kung Says Xi Jinping is Boddhisattva. By Chapman Chen

Dallas Buddhist Association, Texas, Hon. Chair, Hong Kong Buddhist Education Foundation Founder, Rev. Chin Kung 淨空 preached in 2014 at Pure Land Learning College Association, Toowoomba, Australia, "Today, China's prosperous era is covering the whole world. President Xi Jinping is a good leader, remarkable! He is Bodhisattva come again, Bodhisattva reincarnated. He selflessly works for his country, for his nation, for all suffering sentient beings in the entire world. As a res

淨空法師: 愛因斯坦沉地獄 菩薩再來習近平(香江日報曾焯文報導)

淨空法師: 愛因斯坦沉地獄 菩薩再來習近平 (香江新聞曾焯文報導) Rev. Chin Kung: Einstein is rotting in Hell; Xi Jinping is Bodhisattva! (Chapman Chen, HK Bilingual News) 資料來源: #淨空 #愛因斯坦 #習近平 #曾焯文 #chineseespionage #maga #donaldtrump #makeamericagreatagain #chapmanchen #chinkung #Buddhism #hongkongreligion #佛教



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