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Why I am a Vegan Pastor. By Reverend Robert Munro (2018)

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Hawaii Pastor Robert Munro of the Humanitarian Church, New York explains why he is a vegan pastor:-

Dear friends, I was recently asked why I am a Vegan Pastor...the answer is simple....because Vegans are more religious about their Veganism than religious people are religious about their religion. If you choose a path of following religious beliefs, you must first become Vegan or you will be a hypocrite. There is no compassion in killing an animal or stealing their secretions. And to all other ministers, pastors, clergy members the time has come to lead. If you fail to lead your flock to Veganism then you are just like those who stood by and let Jesus be crucified. You know deep down that the commandment "Thou shalt not kill" includes all sentient beings, you know that in Genesis, God said, "I have given you every seed-bearing herb on the face of the earth and for you, it shall be food".

I shall forewarn you that God only spoke to us in the Bible very few times, the rest was written by Pharisees and Scribes and to fail to follow His orders and wishes you fail in your primary duty. The ovens of hell have been lit and for those of you of the cloth that refuse to harken to this warning the furnaces shall be heated up 7 times hotter than they were before. Do your souls not matter? Would you want to risk suffering for eternity in hell for the taste of flesh on your palette? Clergy members, repent now, or you shall eternally rue this day and regret the day that ever you were born to see so many that are flocking to Veganism as ever there were before. They are coming from every part of the land, every country, every belief, every corner of the world, today is a day of great change a change that if you do not join will roll over you like a steamroller and righteous will that day be that ever was a day such as this to see such an outpouring of kindness and compassion towards God's creatures and His creation and to turn a blind eye to it for what?

So your Parishioners become ill? So they come to Church to pray for their dying loved ones and when they do they put money in the till? Is that what Jesus would want? I call upon you now to change, repent, ask for forgiveness and preach Veganism to your Parishioners. It is just this simple, Jesus is Vegan, accept it.


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