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President Trump Abused by the Swamp like HK Dissidents by the Commies 特朗普受迫害如香港義士!By Chapman Chen

New York Signature Bank, Deutsche Bank and Paypal are forcibly closing President Donald Trump's accounts on the ground that he allegedly incited rioters to storm the Capitol Hill on 1 Jan, despite the fact that the President then asked people on the scene to go home, and condemned violence there afterwards. Facebook, Twitter, Shopify, Amazon, Ebay, Instagram, etc. have banned him, too. Likewise, bank accounts of Hong Kong pro-democracy ex-lawmaker Ted Hui Chi-fung and his family were frozen in December last year upon Hong Kong police's request. At that time, Hui had fled to Britain with his family after facing criminal charges related to anti-CCP protests last year (1).

Moreover, if President Trump does not take strong action to drain the swamp now, they will almost certainly arrest him after the inauguration on January 20, and he will end up in a position even worse than Hong Kong legal scholar cum activist Benny Tai's and Hong Kong anti-CCP media tycoon Jimmy Lai's. Indeed, House Democrats are at this moment trying to impeach the President, charging him with incitement of insurrection on January 1. (This will probably fail for it needs a two-thirds supermajority in the Senate, and many Republicans there will surely object.) Just imagine what they will do to him once he is no longer in power. They may even get his children. His youngest son Baron Trump's Twitter account was recently banned.

Benny Tai was arrested this month under the HK national security law for “subverting state power” by holding primaries for pro-democracy candidates for the Hong Kong election.

In December last year, Appledaily founder Jimmy Lai was frogmarched to court in chains. He was denied bail after being charged under the Hong Kong National Security Law with collusion with foreign elements to endanger national security, for tweets he wrote and interviews he made with foreign media. U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo then called for Lai's release, saying his only crime is speaking the truth about China's authoritarian Communist Party government.

Note 1:

As pro-China global platforms dare to permanently block the accounts of even the President of the United States, one can imagine what they will do to ordinary Hong Kong citizens. Many anti-CCP Facebook accounts of Hong Kong users, including that of the writer's, have been unreasonably disabled or deleted by Zuckerberg, while the accounts of most members of the Fifty Cent Army remain intact. The writer of this article is the founder of Local Press, HK, and HKBNews (Hong Kong Bilingual News).

Picture credits: From the internet.

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