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HK TV Belle Marine Lee Frozen for Supporting Anti-Extradition-Law Movement. By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

Hong Kong veteran television star Marine Lee Yee-man李綺雯(1984- ) has been frozen by TVB since April last year for supporting the HK Time Revolution香港時代革命 (Anti-Extradition-Law Movement反送中運動). Marine is well known for her acting skills, beauty, kind heart, and outspokenness in political issues -- an attitude regarded as taboo by TVB since HK's handover to China in 1997. When her contract with TVB expires next month, Marine Lee will leave the company, and is now seeking employment. Her role as a spoiled but righteous Mafia princess in Lo and Behold愛回家之開心速遞 (2017- ) is particularly impressive.

Charitable Activities

Since the Chinese Virus broke out in Hong Kong earlier this year, Marine Lee has often been seen handing out surgical masks to people in need on the streets.

Moreover, since Feb 8 this year, all people arriving at Hong Kong from China have had to be compulsively quarantined, and starting from March 17, every one living in a quarantine center has to pay HKD200 per day. Marine Lee thinks this is unfair:- "You did not start charging until now, when everyone who lives in the quarantine center is local (instead of Mainland Chinese)?"


On June 16, 2019, Marine took part in a anti-extradition law mass rally on the Hong Kong Island. On a photo showing huge crowds of demonstrators, she put down, "The path emerges as people walk on it. Two million people are walking on this path. We Love, We Care, We Defend."

In July last year, she posted a picture of herself front of a Lennon wall (a collective artistic work of spontaneous free expression, demanding freedom and democracy and condemning police brutality), and wrote, "What differentiates people should be conscience instead of color," with the hashtags #HKAddOil, #ILoveHK, and #NoColorBoundary.


In 2001, Marine Lee won the championship of the Female Actress Selection Contest held by ATV, after which she hoisted many programs at ATV. In 2004, she actually reported the Olympics Summer Games from Athens.

In 2006, Marine switched to TVB. Since then, she has played significant roles in a number of drama series, e.g., Witness Insecurity護花危情 (2011-2012), Lo and Behold (2017- ), Of Greed and Ants黃金有罪 (2019), The Dripping Sauce 大醬園(2020).

Jobs Welcome

On the evening of March 16, she posted on her private facebook that she's looking for employment. "Both front-stage and back-stage work are welcome. Even café waitress and chef are ok for me."

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