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應對中國當前危險委員會主席:六四教大家認清中共邪惡,美國勿對華天真(曾焯文Chapman Chen報導)

應對中國當前危險委員會(CPDC)主席布萊恩.甘乃迪Brian Kennedy在六四天安門屠城三十週年紀念會發言:六四的教訓乃係中國共產黨本質邪惡,美國對中共太過天真。美國和西方以為六四只係中國政經現代化過程個別不幸的分叉,中國經濟自由化將導致政治自由化 ,結果養虎為患 。特朗普總統幫當前危險委員會教育三億美國人了解中國真面目,係紀念六四死難者及中國異見人士的好方法。 甘乃迪主席斷言,中共志在將無情重商主義,國家情報收集和知識產權盜竊包裝成市場經濟,以摧毀西方資本主義。更令人不安者,美國貪污商界和政治精英,維護中共,反對特朗普總統正常捍衛國利益。 甘乃迪指出,毛主席領導的大躍進和文化大革命害死七千萬人,八九六四屠城無得比,毛主席的思想激勵了習近平。中共在中國無以上之,唯我自尊。 當前危險委員會副主席Frank Gaffney強調,中國目前對美國和自由世界的威脅嚴重過二十世紀七十年代蘇聯好多。 Web link:

CPDC Brian Kennedy:1989 Tiananmen Lesson=CCP Viciousness & USA Naiveté towards China.By Chapman Chen

Brian Kennedy, Chairman of The Committee on the Present Danger: China (CPDC), said on the 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre:- The lesson to be learnt from the Massacre is the vicious nature of the Chinese Communist Party and the collective naiveté of America and the West who believe that Tiananmen was an unfortunate detour in what was surely the road to political and economic modernization, that economic liberalization of China will lead to political liberaliz

Hong Kong Singer Denise Ho Proclaiming HK Identity at Oslo Freedom Forum. By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

At Oslo Freedom Forum on May 27, Hong Kong Singer cum LGBTQ activist Denise Ho proudly proclaimed the localist identity of Hongkongers in reviewing her experience of the 2014 Hong Kong Umbrella Movement against the authoritarian Hong Kong and Beijing Governments. "On 2014-9-28......for the first time in our dictated history, we've finally come to our own definition of who we are. We're neither British nor Chinese; we're Hongkongers." She then sang a Hong Kong Cantonese song w

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