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Hong Kong Singer Denise Ho Proclaiming HK Identity at Oslo Freedom Forum. By Chapman Chen, HKBNews

At Oslo Freedom Forum on May 27, Hong Kong Singer cum LGBTQ activist Denise Ho proudly proclaimed the localist identity of Hongkongers in reviewing her experience of the 2014 Hong Kong Umbrella Movement against the authoritarian Hong Kong and Beijing Governments. "On 2014-9-28......for the first time in our dictated history, we've finally come to our own definition of who we are. We're neither British nor Chinese; we're Hongkongers." She then sang a Hong Kong Cantonese song written by herself. It is about a group of people in Norway waiting to see the first sunlight after the dark period of the polar nights.

Denise Ho's video link (starting at 1:09:04) :

Author: Chapman Chen, HKBNews

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