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Pro-CCP Hong Kong Churches' Prayers for Extradition Law. By Chapman Chen, Hong Kong Bilingual News

Seven major pro-Communist China Hong Kong Churches support the controversial Extradition Law amendment. They all side with the government and either pray that God help to dispel the public's concerns about the Extradition Law so that justice can be done, or praise the authorities for manifesting justice in putting forth the Bill. The six churches are Hong Kong Christian Council (HKCC), Hong Kong Anglican Church (HKSKH), North Point Alliance Church, HK EFCC Taikoo Shing Church

Hong Kong Christian Council: HK Govt Aims at Manifesting Justice w/ Extradition Law. By Chapman Chen

The Hong Kong Christian Council (HKCC) issued on May 12 a statement, stressing that the Hong Kong Government's controversial proposed Extradition Law aims at "manifesting justice and protecting Hong Kong, so that HK will not become a haven for fugitives." Founded in 1954, HKCC is the ecumenical body of Christian churches, organizations and institutions in Hong Kong. Former HKCC General Secretary Po Kam Cheong traveled in 2017 to Beijing and reported to The United Front Work D

HK Christian Council Sec. Gen. Rev. Lo Lung-kwong: The more u fight; the more u lose.By Chapman Chen

Secretary General of Hong Kong Christian Council, Former Chung Chi College Divinity School Director, former Hong Kong Methodist Church President, Rev. Lo Lung-kwong (2018-2-21): "The more you fight; the more you lose. Hongkongers, in adopting an antagonistic approach, will only make China's governing of HK more and more stringent. E.g., as a result of Hongkongers vigorously supporting the Tiananamen Square students in 1989, China set the Basic Law harsher than ever. And aft

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